Pregnancy Tips – Precautions during the First Trimester – Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Tips – Precautions during the First Trimester – Pregnancy Guide. Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon not a disease, Consultant the doctor before take an action. When you see that little pink line on the pregnancy test. once you know that you are pregnant, you starting getting anxious about everything to which doctor to go and what to be expected in next coming weeks, what diet to be follow and some common issues which get in our minds like which fruits to avoid while pregnant. What are the Do’s and Don’t during pregnancy ?

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  1. Pregnancy Week By Week Advices<br /><br /><a href=""></a>
  2. bishnu panda
    June 19, 22:17 Reply
    only scientific advice on diet during pregnancy is to be followed by the pregnant women
  3. fastandeffective
    June 19, 22:17 Reply
    Guidelines for the pregnant mother:<br />Not in river fish, eels, shellfish, molluscs, farmed fish, tuna, swordfish, but YES to offshore fish.<br />Few fried fish, but YES to abundant grilled fish.<br />Minimum food from tavernas/restaurants, but instead free cooked homemade food.<br />No fresh soft cheeses, but YES to hard boiled yellow cow cheese.<br />No eggs from the open markets, but YES to tested, packaged, safe farm school eggs or poultry house.<br />Not livers/tripe/intestines/brains, but only meat from animal muscles.<br />Minimum rice and potatoes, but YES to baked pasta.<br />Not cucumber/eggplant/chick/fava/beans, but YES to lentils/tomatos/carrots/salads/olives.<br />No margarine/butter/vegetable oils, but YES to olive oil and corn oil.<br />No grapefruit, but YES to plenty of lemons and oranges.<br />Minimum manufactured food, but YES to abundant pure, natural.<br />No cigarettes/alcohol/coffee/fizzy drinks/sweeteners, but YES to plenty of UHT milk/cool refreshing water/chamomile.<br />No import/exotic fruits, but YES to plenty of fresh seasonal fruits.<br />No pork/lamb/salame meats, but YES to cooked poultry/goat/beef.<br />No chocolate/creamy sweets, but yes to ovened sweets.<br />No simple salt, but in moderation, iodide-potassium salt for heart diseases.<br />Not exhausting fasting, but prudent, organized, varied diet.<br />No to rich dinners, but YES to rich breakfasts.<br />No to hasty eating, but YES to slow, quiet chewing.<br />No heavy meals, but small and often ones, evenly distributed throughout the day.<br />Minimum refined sugar, but YES to quality honey.<br />No laxatives, but YES to plenty of fruits and vegetables.<br />No contacts with dogs/cats/sheep.<br />Minimum contacts with sick children.<br />No medication without the approval of the Gynaecologist, but YES to the regular intake of necessary vitamins for pregnancy.<br />No to weightlifting and strenuous physical exercise, but YES to calm aerobics.<br />No to prolonged sun exposure.<br />No to the use of chemical creams/deodorants/perfumes/hair dye/favon nail/intravaginal washes/soap/talc.<br />No to prolonged exposure to electrical appliances/equipment/radiation sources.<br />Abundant white petroleum jelly on the belly and breasts, for partial prevention of stretch marks.<br />No sex in the first quarter and in the ninth/last month of pregnancy.<br />No to heated debates/bawling/stress/noisy environments.<br />If you ever suddenly feel your ankles swollen/arterial pressure over 150mm Hg/feel intense headache and eyestrain, call immediately the Obstetrician and book a visit the same day.
  4. Nada Noy
    June 19, 22:17 Reply
    Health tips for women and family<br /><a href=""></a>
  5. Abdur Rasid
    June 19, 22:17 Reply
    pregnency is a natural thing but it is important to know how to protection need in that time.<br />in this video all can learn this thing
  6. Md Mazaharul Islam
    June 19, 22:17 Reply
    Wow. Thanks to You  (Health Tips). Really its good and perfect video clips by Pregnancy Tips. Its amazing and wonderful video to see the pregnant women. I have introducing another perfect guideline renkarter infertility expert report. Its really and amazing to pregnancy  tips also. Its also helpful to pregnant first. So you got it then you have search by Google.
  7. jana ranjani
    June 19, 22:17 Reply
    Y saying don't eat black color foods like black grapes black dates jamun etc
  8. SOO CUTEEE Very nice video, love it!! It worth to subscribe. By the way, I have couple cute BABY twin's videos in my channel that you may like. We post new vids twice a month. Thank you.
  9. Cathy Carter
    June 19, 22:17 Reply
    Pregnant women will always be dumb and do dumb things during pregnancy and I was gonna get pregnant unfortunately I didnt get well my boyfriend said no he is a party pooper<br /><br />
  10. jithendra pokala
    June 19, 22:17 Reply
    It is important that all men are aware of the do's and don't when your lady is carrying...

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