Beginners Yoga Flat Tummy, Abs & Core Foundations Class #2 – Basic Home Yoga Workout

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Beginners Yoga Flat Tummy, Abs & Core Foundations Class #2 – Basic Home Yoga Workout

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In this Foundations of Yoga video workout Day 1, Courtney Bell shares a basic Yoga class for beginners. This Yoga for weight loss is yoga for beginners. Beginners yoga will improve flexibility and flat abs/flat tummy. Great core and abs at home yoga workout

Follow along with this 20 minute workout.

Courtney Bell teaches classes in Austin, Texas.

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Foundations of Yoga Series;

Beginners Yoga Foundations Class #1 – Basic Home Yoga Workout

Beginners Yoga Foundations Class #2 – Basic Home Yoga Workout

Beginners Yoga Foundations Class #3 – Basic Home Yoga Workout

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  1. Emma Arif
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    after this yoga can I do excersie is it OK to do it?
  2. MiuNya
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    you say beginner but I was shaking wildly trying to do this. only got 15 mins in... I'm not the skinniest person in the world so I couldn't lift myself haha but practice makes perfect !
  3. Joseph Dewayne
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    My wife loves your outfit , where can I get her some outfit?
  4. rom z
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    This has been so good! Didnt expect it to be intense but this is what I need. Will try to stick to this routine plus another one from psychetruth. Hope I get fit. :D
  5. Mermaid Sarah May
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    She was very informing, I really liked how you gave a little back story in the beginning saying WHY this workout is good and HOW it benefits for yoga
  6. Genesys H
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    I did 90% of this...will be adding this in my workout
  7. Laken Tak
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    I started doing your first yoga class, it was tough, because you're too sexy, and because i am an absolute beginner.
  8. Kaylie Figueroa
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    Love you, Courtney! I'm 16 and I lost over 20lbs in 3 months (with eating right & other workout activities added) I went from 150 pounds to 123! Thank you so much!
  9. balajiprasadg
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    good ones by Courtney ji. it would be great if yoga teachers can mention the actual sanskrit name of each pose while teaching so that we can learn more about the benefits of them online. <br /><br />it is a great service you are doing. appreciate psyche truth and Courtney ji
  10. Jessica Hayward
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    i couldn't even make it through the video because i found her talking distracting and annoying.
  11. Trish Roderique
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    Thank you for this video and I think your hair looks good both ways but I wasnt able to do all the moves but did more than I thought however I did get the feelings of the chakra but I felt like crying. Is this normal? I have had radiation treatment in the recent past and have lost muscle strength and tone both.
  12. Maddy Matush
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    I only felt my lower back being worked throughout the video...
  13. Debra DKT
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    Thank You for this & all of ur video's I'm a beginner 3 weeks in & I'm already feeling the difference in my health. I suffer from C-PTSD & major stress to the point where it has started attacking my body in negative ways. My body stays majorly tensed up at all times to where my hamstrings made walking difficult if not impossible at times. I've been doing a lot of yoga stretching & it has helped me a lot, a lot. My hamstrings have gotten a little better & am hoping that overtime they will completely get better. Although some days it's like 2 steps forward then one step backwards as long as I'm gaining from it I'm gonna keep doing it. Along with Meditation, Affirmations, Mindfulness, Law of Attractions & etc. I have hope now as to where I had none 6 weeks ago.<br />So Thank You<br />"I Do Appreciate What U've Done"
  14. Nan Nelson
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    What is up with all of you asking about your hair, outfit, etc? I don't care about anything other than getting a good workout
  15. David Childs
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    Just found your videos and the hair? She looks swank.
  16. Guadalupe Pimienta
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    My legs can't stay in the air without bending halfway at the knee. Why is this?
  17. Clarisse Guélou
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    I've been practicing yoga as beginner level for 3 months now and this video just killed me. THANK YOU, I needed that.
  18. Ana Cat Silveira
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    Great exercise, thank you...and love the hair, no curls looks very good on you
  19. Gabrielle
    June 19, 22:16 Reply
    I'm 32 inch I'll reply if changes occur
  20. vurtil opmer
    October 30, 02:22 Reply
    I've read some excellent stuff here. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot effort you put to make the sort of great informative web site.

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