Yoga For Fast Back Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches – Easy Beginners

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Yoga For Fast Back Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches – Easy Beginners

Joy guides you through different simple back pain exercises and stretches to help get rid of that lower and upper back pain.

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  1. himez123
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    Amazing! Feel great after doing this
  2. Honigmond ASMR
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    I'm a Yoga beginner. Love your easy but effective Videos so much! Thank's for this. <3 much love
  3. Sun Vanara
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    I know that my back pain comes from my stiff hamstrings, but streching them is one of the things that I hate the most. Senpai Joy, I will not fail this time! You are enjoying this so much, and that gives me motivation. I will do this one every day!
  4. Ashok Kumar Yadav
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    it's a very good videos, i am sure I will be got relax, each and every step is very good for back pain relief.<br />I am struggling last 2 month, I have taken so many medicine, still not got and reduce my back plain, I will be continue all the you back pain refill steps. thanks I sure this video is very unique in YouTube. thanks
  5. djordje petrovic
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    how is it possible that i did most of those exercises without watching this video? This came natural to me , this is my first time watching this
  6. amasayspfft
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    this really helped me tonight in my recovery from a recent car accident and from older work-related pain. I've been so stiff lately, this helps my with my pain, flexibility, and strength
  7. naDia henze
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    Thank u for this but just to let you know those stones have no powers except demonic powers, I'll pray for u that u will understand this and realize that's nothing to play w, seek Jesus.
  8. TheMrsgoossen
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    Thank you for this video. I do have a question about the sitting on your toes... I feel like most of the pressure is going onto my big toe. Is that correct or should I be twisting my foot so that my weight and spread across most of my toes?
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
  10. Eelke Aptroot
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    I had some low back pain that started about 2 weeks ago, I think it was caused by some muscle tightness around the right hip joint. It took me a more than a week of doing exercises like this and hip openers before I could free it up in a lotus pose. Normally I can just get into that pose in less than 10 seconds, this time it took more than 10 days. I doubt I would have been able to do your ending move on the first day though, but it's about 12 days ago now I just tried it, it went great. .
  11. sacrifake
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    Look at those feet... damn. Quick, put them in my mouth!
  12. Shawn Hunter
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    You guys should just close down the comments on these videos because they never get any actual feedback. It's just old dudes commenting about feet.
  13. bikephil
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    <a href="">9:24</a> yummm
  14. Jigsaw R1
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    Thank you Joy. <br /><br />I'll probably have to watch your video again in order to practice stretching out my body more.
  15. Charlie Wallace
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    I have never seen anyone so appropriately named, Joy. You are a true joy in my life! Many of these stretches help me very much with my chronic back pain. Thank you for another wonderful video!
  16. woodengamer
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    Joy really does a great job at the commentary on how to adjust various positions for those that are not as limber,  or not in as good of shape.  Also, after that last move, I am sure Joy would be awesome at 'the wave' at sporting events!  keep up the great work.
  17. Kyle
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    Thank you Joy. This is a great video, very informative, and you present it well. :)
  18. optimumperformance
    June 20, 01:51 Reply
    Your video is on back pain and you use a pic on you video of an exercise that causes spinal damage. <a href=""></a>

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