Yoga for Strength with Lesley Fightmaster and Shireen Kavianian

Yoga for Strength with Lesley Fightmaster and Shireen Kavianian is an advanced beginner to intermediate class:

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This class was designed to create strength in your body especially in the arms and legs. As always, listen to your body and rest when you need to. Please donate by pressing the link above. We appreciate donations of any amount and love all of the support so we can continue offering free yoga!

This class was requested by Tina from from Pink Rose Healing: I’ve been working with Tina and have been experiencing tremendous results through distance energy and sound healing. I was skeptical in the beginning, but WOW, she’s amazing. Check out her site when you have a moment…I highly recommend her. I have more energy than I’ve had in years!

If you’re interested in teacher trainings, or yoga retreats, please email me:

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The following retreats are scheduled in 2015:
Isla Mujares (Island off the Coast of Cancun) February 19-25, Women only
Sedona, AZ: April 16-19 open to everyone
Ojai, CA August 8-11 open to everyone

To check out “The Alchemist” on Amazon:

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  1. Piotr Wierzbicki
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    why do you call it yoga? it's abhorrent...why not just gimnastics or sport ? ? ?<br />real meaning of Yoga is to link our consciousness with Supreme in meditation and asanas were part of ancient system to take full control of our body, <br />When yogi was in charge of the body, he/she was then meditating on the Absolute Form of Vishnu. That was , is , Yoga, not few streches to feel better or to get relief from stress.<br /><br />Yoga was possible long ago when humans could live 10000+ y, but is NOT recommended for modern people<br /> who live merely 50+, 60+ the most...<br />for present times other system is practical-not gimnastics, mantra meditation, chanting Holy Names of God, <br />especially maha mantra Hare Krishna.
  2. TinooKyubi
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    Does anyone know whats the name of the song at the end?? thank you :)
  3. Anousha Gaia
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    Hello, I have a lot of trouble with chataranga ( is this arm weakness or balance? I can't tell) and also after downward dog, bringing each leg forward into a lunge is hard for me. I often feel like its very uncontrolled and I can't bring my foot forward enough. Any tips? Thanks!
  4. Cecilia Padilla
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    This is my third day doing this class and I feel great. I also feel myself stronger every time. I also love how it keeps a nice quick pace, but not too fast.. It's just right for me. I'm going to stick to this one everyday until I get better floating into a hand stand and also a couple other poses. Almost there! Thank you, your guidance is very much appreciated!
  5. Jessica Ramos
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    You are an amazing teacher- I love your videos and this is becoming one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your practice!
  6. Lindsay Laue
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    Gratitude for doing all the hard work you do to create these videos. I enjoy your style. Keep up the good work.
  7. Lindsay Laue
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    Just want to say gratitude for sharing your style of flow. And thank you for caring so much about your work that respond to your viewers with their questions and concerns. Keep up the good work!
  8. Vera Klinoff
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    I thought having your student demonstrate was so helpful; when you corrected her form I realized that I was making the same mistakes! I thought it was a great pace- this is certainly a class to repeat several times. Thank you as always Lesley
  9. DomiBenack
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    thank you very much!!! been helping me build the strenght I need for progress in my yoga but also personal life... you must be really wonderful teacher :)
  10. Ryan Zeferino
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    thank you for evoking the alquimist, such a great book! You're the best :D
  11. Ronn V
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    The model is t eaching people how to speed through yoga & not breathe properly. From standing to fold, should take a lot longer than 1 second. Follow your breath. Yoga is not about speed.
  12. caustic299
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    Amazing class! Thank you, Lesley! I feel awesome after doing it:)
  13. Abbey Michelle
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    Excellent practice! I enjoyed every moment of this video. I highly recommend it.
  14. Clem McCulloch
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    Thank you! It was a little quicker than I'm used to, but that meant I didn't even stop to think about getting into Crow pose, just let it happen and found it waaaaay easier than usual.
  15. Terri Henry
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    I feel vibrant and happy after this class. Loved the halfway handstand on the door - I'm going to practice that more often! Thanks
  16. Alex Kumin
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    I love your videos! I love those green pants too, where are they from?!
  17. Ariane De Vasconcelos
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    loving this! I just have a slight problem, every time I do handstands my head hurts and I feel a bit dizzy. Is this normal? And it will go away if I keep practicing? Thank you!
  18. Swati Sreejith
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    i loved this class!! Really enjoyed doing the prep pose for handstand.I am not strong enough for a handstand,but i feel I have moved one step further with the prep pose! Feel really happy today!Thank u Lesley:)
  19. Megan Bunch
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    At 6 months pregnant, I was working hard and sweating bullets!  Thanks for a great class!
  20. Charmaine
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    I totally loved this class. Thank you so much ❤<br />
  21. Knewclear
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    This was killer! I thought lifting was hardcore, but this works a whole different set of muscles. Thank you for sharing your knowledge:D
  22. Haylie G
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    I loved this class! Thanks so much!
  23. groovetube
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    great class! Happy to have discovered Fightmaster.
  24. Moon Snake
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    Thank you!...I can feel the energy flowing as I type!
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    Beautiful work! Lesley and Shireen! It's chanlenging but I do enjoy it. Wondering what exercises I can do to improve cow position and handstanding? Like weight lifting? I find it is hard to find balance with hands. Thank you!
  26. Tony
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    More perfect impossible
  27. Rachel Nix
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    Yoga has been very helpful with reminding me that our body's have to come first. There's no point in having a good life if your body can't go through it. Stress management is my weak point and these videos have been more than beneficial!
  28. Charity Rogers
    June 20, 00:34 Reply
    I love this video!! I have poor arm strength, so it challenged my weak areas. However, it also built my confidence and now I feel strong and alive.
  29. oprol evorter
    October 27, 12:22 Reply
    It is perfect time to make a few plans for the long run and it's time to be happy. I've learn this put up and if I may just I wish to counsel you some attention-grabbing issues or advice. Perhaps you could write next articles regarding this article. I wish to read more issues about it!

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