Yoga For Stress Relief

Join Adriene on the mat for a Yoga for stress relief sequence! This yoga practice is great for a tired body and a busy mind. Try this sequence to calm the nervous system and do a little energetic hygiene as you relive anxiety and stress from the body. Connect to your breath and take some time for YOU. Let go of that which is no longer serving you! Open your mind, your heart and stretch & soothe your body. Enjoy!

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  1. Rima P
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    Thankyou this was a first time experience, definately couldnt do most of the poses but made me realize how yoga is and I cant wait to continue it, I was relaxed but there was room for improvement. Youre a great teacher and Im glad I came to this video
  2. Mario Van Haal
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    Adriene, thank you so much for sharing these very helpful yoga videos. After doing this session with you I feel very grateful. I suffer from Tourettes Syndrome (a neurological condition that makes me tic) and it suddenly got worse over the last few weeks. Your videos help me to calm down and find balance. You are the sweetest thing ever and I love your sense of humour. Greetings from Cambridge, UK.
  3. Jenn G.
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    "You can... really make it youuurs..." haha. Thank you Adriene. Nice practice.
  4. Zora
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    Wow you helped me a lot, someone who works more than 40 hours a week and studying part time. This video made me super relaxed
  5. JJ Swager
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    Thank you so much Adriene, for all of your videos on yoga for anxiety, stress, and panic. I have played these videos multiple times when I've been on the verge of a panic attack, and they help me re center every time. Please continue to add more videos for panic disorders, stress relief and anxiety. I have found that a mixture of focused breathimg, sun salutations, flow, and restorative poses, are the best for me, to bring me out of a panic attack. Thanks again, you really do help me when I'm at work or unable to go to a class right when I need one.
  6. Nevada Baker
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    I can't even describe how much I needed this this morning. I don't do yoga on a regular basis so everything started popping, it felt so good. I found every pose easy to do for a beginner. When I let go of stress I start cry-laughing. I started doing that within the first 5 minutes. I don't think I've deep-sighed so much before. I am instantly in love with this video. I love the humor in it.
  7. skyejacques
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    Thank you Adriene. You are making a HUGE difference in my life. MASSIVE. I've only been doing your yoga for two weeks, but your energy is what motivates me and makes me feel safe as I go through massive changes. Although I couldn't smile much today due to a relapse of depression, you made me LAUGH :) this particular sequence has allowed a lot of stuck energy in my body to start flowing again. it's a magical one especially for shoulders.<br /><br />I'd like to request you do a video some time with some of these shoulder stretches and other exercises to really unlock TMJ syndrome and also mind fog in the head. I know you'e done a video on neck stretches, but ti didn't quite help with the TMJ as much as the long stretches at the beginning of this vid.<br /><br />Bless you and I pray I continue with you for a long time because you are defo the perfect yoga instructor for me online, as my offline instructor is offline :) <3 <br /><br />Continue to shine your light as you unlock and unravel all that inside of us that stops us from shining ours :) <3
  8. Deana Robinson
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    I love doing yoga with you. I laugh in the unexpected moments and I adore your "realness".
  9. cookiecravingperson
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    Thank you so much. Incredibly helpful and soothing. So loving and generous of you. I thought I clicked on a 9 minute video but stuck with this and enjoyed every moment. Again, thank you!
  10. Liina Laumets
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    I have been practicing with your videos for a month now (also took up meditation at the same time). Dunno what happened today, but this practice sent me up to heaven. I don't remember the last time I felt that good. Thank you, Adriene, for sharing your knownledge and positive energy. You are doing so much good to others ! Namaste !
  11. Charlotte Ohm
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    Hey Adriene! <br />Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing video. I have an anxiety disorder and sometimes it feels hard to get through the day but whenever I watch one of your videos I feel so much calmer and relaxed :) 
  12. Danielle Loveless
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    You might be the best thing I've ever found on Youtube. I love your approach to yoga...(at least in this first video I've watched). Thank you for putting yourself out there.
  13. Bianca
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    Dear Adriene, what a pleasure and relief it was to do this sequence today, coming to the mat stressed and over this day as I was. Like a proper "moving meditation", feeling that bit looser and quieter after this. And it sped by. This will become a go to I think. Thank you for what you do! Very much appreciated by myself and clearly countless others.
  14. acrobatsutr
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    is listening to music acceptable while doing this? music is honestly my primary stress relief, but is doing yoga without music a good way to focus more on white noise and is it better at relieving stress with just the silence?
  15. ruzica1974
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    Hello, Adriene! I love your videos, they've been so helpful for my back and overall stiffness. I usually choose gentler ones, working my way slowly towards the stamina needed for more intense workouts. However, with this particular routine, I have a problem at <a href="">7:17</a>, as the squeeze in the shoulders produces an almost instant headache. Any ideas where that might be coming from?
  16. appreciated
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    Thank you for this video. Shed some tears then heard you say you were using your sensual voice and I couldn't stop myself from laughing. ❤️
  17. BigBadViking
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    I'm just a Little bit in love with you, I hope that's ok :-)
  18. Anne Walaszek
    June 20, 01:43 Reply
    This was my very first Yoga with Adriene video I tried about a year ago and I am now ADDICTED!! I love working in my house and making my own time to practice, especially with a teacher so helpful and so compassionate. I cannot believe the changes I've made in mind, body, and spirit. Thank you Adriene for sharing your practice!! Hope to catch you in Chicago some time!!

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