Morning Yoga Perfection | 5 Minute Miracle | Rise & Shine Sleepy Bear Yoga

This is a easy quick morning yoga routine that you can do anywhere, even in bed! Its the perfect way to start your day. This 5 min sequence will get your blood pumping, wake up your nervous system and help you get out of bed with ease and joy. I even catch my hockey playing boyfriend doing it some mornings, and the only yogi he knows, is yogi bear.

So rise and shine sleepy bear, let’s start today on the right paw…



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Video Production- Mark Spicoluk

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  1. clray123
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    With a name like that you don't even need a nickname to become a porn star.
  2. larua4
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    I like this one, since i can do it in my bed xD Thank you for uploading it, its also easy, for beginners :) Peace
  3. salud y bienestar
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    J.S. you are really a yoga master. I,m impressed waching your yoga videos¡¡
  4. Gagan Aggarwal
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    just another miracle of my great India. Love to the west , from an Indian.
  5. James Noonan
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    I'm so stiff in the morning. It feels so good in the morning.
  6. Emilyn
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    Just wanted to thank you for these videos ? been wanting to try yoga for so long and now i've been doing this almost everyday + other workout
  7. Nicole E
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    I just discovered your videos and I'm hooked! They're easy to follow along with and are so inspiring! I've been doing the Brazilian Butt challenge, but today is my day off, so I decided to do some yoga.  Thanks for the awesome videos! Keep it up!
  8. 3Animos3
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    Thank you for relaxing mornings. These videos make it easy to get my daughter and niece out of bed in the morning for a fresh start. I assist them through your videos and they love it. They do not argue in the mornings like they used to and they leave for school with more joy. <br />I myself have struggled with having an abundance of adrenaline most of my life. Though it is the reason I can accomplish incredible goals, it is also the reason I struggle with entering a state of calm energy when it is time to do so. Once the adrenaline revs up it is very difficult to shut it off, whether I am happy or not. These yoga and meditation films give me the ability to make a difference in that. I do not feel like a slave to my bodily processes anymore.
  9. Mialoves stephanie
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    I love this video! Short and simple when very little time in the day nice to squeeze in a little yoga ?
  10. Kate Rigby
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    A little question I want to do 5- 10 mins of yoga in the morning and also do some CV exercises. Which way round would you recommend I did them? Thanks
  11. Kate Rigby
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    Really enjoyed your video. A simple routine for a beginner like me to add to my morning routine. A new subscriber.
  12. alyssia quan
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    This was very relaxing not as energising as proffered but great video !!
  13. ramhornjoe
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    Thanks for the vid I'm going to start every morning out like wife's been getting me to do some yoga with her and I'm definitely in need of starting a stretch routine daily. Anyhow thanks again
  14. Oceanwaves252
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    could you make a morning yoga routine that is 10 minutes? I cant bring myself to do the entire 17 minute one I really don't have enough time in the morning. Thanks for the awesome video??? 
  15. no jo
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    What is the name of the background music? I really, really like it and I'd love to use it as background music for yoga and other activities but i can't figure out what its called :'(
  16. Kim Chi Do
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    So glad that I found your channel. I started doing yoga for few days and really love your useful videos.<br />Thank you a bunch
  17. Karolina
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    Subscribed because your yoga is truly awesome, you're sweet, from Europe like myself (I assume), and best of all, you're vegan! Thank you so much for promoting a plantbased lifestyle!!! It will make a difference to millions of innocent suffering souls... Keep up the amazing work! Sharing...
  18. Sarah Noor
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    I will definitely try this tomorrow morning.. and I am doing your muffin top destroyer i love it though it's a bit tough but I hope it will work..will let u know
  19. Little Lucie B
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    Just started my job in a kindergarten and being around the little ones made me realized how unfit I am, this is a great way to start the day and stretch these stiff muscles! Thank you for the video ^_^
  20. Vinnie Babauta
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    This made me feel stiff and after Cexersizing with you I feel more relax. Thank you!
  21. Eran Naim
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    Thank you! I open everyday like this :)
  22. AfroChic94
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    This is so helpful! I haven't worked out in like 2 months & my legs have been feeling soooo stiff! when I wake up in the morning. I want to get more flexible so I'm definitely subscribing ;) 
  23. Pinkpeppy19
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    Adorable!! I'm new to yoga (I know where have I been...) and I've searched all over for an easy routine that makes me want to do it every day...this is it!
  24. Sybil Lambert
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    I'ts the third day I'm practicing this yoga routine and I love it! I had never done yoga in the morning before but now I can't stop:D It makes me feel energized for the rest of the day! ^^ thank you a lot for posting it :)
  25. Snoke
    June 20, 00:23 Reply
    I popped a hard one. Oooooooaaahhhhoooo

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