Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises & Yoga Stretches Jen Hilman

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Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises & Yoga Stretches Jen Hilman

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  1. Amanda Beans
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    I have never seen a top down camera angle in a Yoga video, it's a really cool idea! You have a wonderful smile, it made me feel happy :) Thanks!
  2. Mary Ngudia
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    Thanks this was very helpful , I feel better already .
  3. Maritza Alvira
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    I like this is going to help me a lot with my hernia in my neck is so relaxing and pretty cool
  4. German Dimplez
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    Jen, love ur vids. I go to them often (back/shoulders). The Voice season 1 Beverly McClellan. Yes! My absolute Voice fave. Saw her in concert-twice. Awesome! My next fave would be Christina Grimmie. I have been following her also since her Voice audition. So much talent. RIP little angle.
  5. Donna LeeAh
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    TY SO MUCH !! I come here OFTEN because my neck, shoulders are OFTEN in very bad pain !! This ALWAYS helps me. I have referred others to it. GREATLY appreciated ! And yes,, the VOICE
  6. Susana Maddox
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    I really, really love you videos! I have neck pain and it is helping me big time, your voice is very relaxing to, thanks!
  7. Blacksplayer
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    As a powerlifter I thank you for your stretching videos. Yoga stretching has been quite helpful for my shoulder and neck pains. Keep up the great work
  8. karen schaerer
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    Just read some comments. Jan, I like your talking, takes my mind off the pain while stretching. Thanks once again.
  9. karen schaerer
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    Thank you Jan. Your little routine helps with my neck pain and stiffness like nothing else. I'm on holiday and otherwise it would not have been very relaxing. Xxx
  10. Angela Reeve
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    I feel so much better after doing this. I always enjoys your videos. Thank you
  11. cbouele
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    Oh my God! Thank you so much, Jen Hilman for this yoga video especially. For the first time in so long, I've been able to get a relief in the tensions on my shoulders, upper back, and hands. Yes, my hands were the most tense of all and I discoverd it today. And your voice is so relaxing to hear during your yoga sessions. You have a good spirit and each time you smile, I can hear it coming from your heart. This is my second video but the Best video so far. Be blessed for sharing.
  12. Juliana Fiore
    June 20, 00:50 Reply
    very nice stretches for the neck; I have 3 herniated discs and this video helps a great deal. thank you.
  13. oprol evorter
    October 31, 00:06 Reply
    I am always browsing online for tips that can facilitate me. Thanks!

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