Morning Yoga for Beginners – 12 min Stretch Routine #morningyoga

By request, here’s a gentle, 12 minute morning yoga stretch that’s perfect for all fitness levels and an amazing way to start your day. Gain flexibility, focus, balance and core strength first thing in the morning that will stay with you all day. Please Subscribe, Share, Like, Comment and Enjoy!

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Sean Vigue is a certified Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Nutrition, and Personal Training instructor (over 5000 classes taught), winner ‘Best Male Workout’ (Pilates for Men) by Pilates Style magazine, Master Core Specialist, TV and Film star, and professional singer/actor having appeared in over 70 opera, musical theater, and non-musical productions. He’s a member of Actor’s Equity and is sometimes caught singing arias while doing Planks.

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  1. ThePookaHarvey
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    "Dog optional" made me laugh. My dog always joins me for yoga and will often mirror me when I go into child's pose. Also his name is Yogi!
  2. mollypopmollypop
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    I've been wanting to do more yoga and become more flexible because pilates is great for strength but not always stretching, and this was a great intro! Really quick & simple way to get my energy going in the morning, and I'm not even a morning person!
  3. Chris Aven
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    yay - love your voice over! the stretches are great too. ;) thank you
  4. Ryan Bardelang
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Starting to get into yoga..thought this was great for beginners!! Thx!
  5. Marijan Pandza
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    what do you think about doing some streching routine after this and mobility training
  6. Todd Sloan
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Just ask The Beatles <a href="">5:21</a> ... funny, how things may be remembered!
  7. Soul Dancer
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Hey Sean thanks for this I have sciatica and chrnic pain issues and this felt good. I will check your others for seated yoga as I have knee issues
  8. Aiman Aisyah
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Hi. Great way to start my morning and new poses for me to add in the routine- just feeling much better after my first attempt. Wonderful efforts and many thanks to you!<br /><br />-Aiman
  9. Aiman Aisyah
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Hi. Great way to start my morning and new poses for me to add in the routine- just feeling much better after my first attempt. Wonderful efforts and many thanks to you!<br /><br />-Aiman
  10. Geht alles
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Can u do this after a morning run or should it be before ?
  11. miapiare
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    This dudes very subtly funny. Just ask bob fosse
  12. aquariusfriend
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    I woke up this morning with my muscles and body feeling so tight. I got out of bed and grabbed my iPad and looked up, 'morning stretches with music,'and there you were. This was perfect. I feel ready to face the day! Thank you. 
  13. ritorenello
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Hello Sean, Great Video! started my morning with it and feel the affect immediately!
  14. Dallas Dwayne
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Sean, I appreciate Your videos so much. What happened to You being in Florida? Did You move to Colorado?
  15. Meepmeep
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Thanks Shaun. That's an awesome routine and you're a funny guy :)
  16. jTiKey
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    "nor standing on the bed..." <br />Yeah, right) 
  17. Stu Winton
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    This was perfect to start my day , felt much better. Just really struggled keeping those legs straight during those last few <br />
  18. vaibushi
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Nice yoga mornin routine wnderful location nice dog and gud humour
  19. King Remy
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    former military here, overweight bad back, all that fun stuff. finally getting off my ass to get back into shape and ive wanted to include yoga into my routine to help my core and lower back,but every class i go to and every video i watch uses the lamest terminology (i still dont know what breathing through my fingers mean lol). lemmie get my breathing down and get to a point to where im comfy in how im performing the movements before i worry about chakras. this was simple and straightforward and i really appreciate it.
  20. SamP
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Open another tab, put on Eno's 'Music for Airports' and BLISS.
  21. Sean Maloney
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Thanks so much, Sean. I felt so good after doing this yesterday that I did it again this morning! I think I have found my new morning routine. Great presentation and very clear instruction!
  22. EddyMedley
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    Excellent! Offtopic - You seem to live in a very peaceful area and your house looks like my dream house.
  23. Aria M
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    That was just lovely, thank you.  It is so pleasant to start the morning with a yoga stretch, a friendly dog, and Colorado scenery. Your fine speaking voice and clear instructions are also appreciated.  Best wishes to you and yours.
  24. Anita Dugmonits
    June 20, 00:19 Reply
    I've been doing it for almost a week every mornig and I find it very good. I'm on to try the other ones as well. :)

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