20 Min Yoga for Men Advanced Strength Workout – Killer Power Yoga for Women too! Hot #yogaformen

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Sean Vigue is a certified Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Nutrition, and Personal Training instructor (over 5000 classes taught), winner ‘Best Male Workout’ (Pilates for Men) by Pilates Style magazine, Master Core Specialist, TV and Film star, and professional singer/actor having appeared in over 70 opera, musical theater, and non-musical productions. He’s a member of Actor’s Equity and is sometimes caught singing arias while doing Planks.

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  1. magpie5000
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    The 2 Sephora commercials mid video are obnoxious.
  2. DJ Brown
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    More advanced flows please! I love it!!!!
  3. ecvp123
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    amazing workout!! thank you so much :D
  4. Ed Coles
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Please keep going, I have never smiled so much during any kind of workout. Usually yoga is quite a solemn, quiet affair but with you I'm laughing and yet pushing myself all the more. I've recommended you to all my friends who might be interested in yoga, but are perhaps scared of trying and looking stupid. Yoga is the best discovery I have ever made :)
  5. Jordan West
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Loved this one! I've now found a bunch of your vids that I do every morning! (2x Flows/'Death by Plank'). I find alternating routines (doing each vid/session twice a week) to be much better than sticking to just a few. It's helped me to recover <b>much</b> better as I also do running & resistance training in the evenings.<br /><br />Anyways.. talking too much! Thanks again & Namaste. o/
  6. Maya Tanner
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Thanks for making me laugh during the workout! It made it a lot more fun. I especially loved how you mentioned Star wars! :D
  7. John Houghton
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    I LOVE THIS OUTDOOR BRO-GA CHANNEL!!! Can't wait to do more with you!
  8. Thanadon Charernsuk
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Thank you. I like it! and I want to building my body too. Are you suggest me please?
  9. gripper32001
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    What is your opinion on DDP yoga? I have a disc herniation and tear in my lower back. I just started doing some yoga.I'll try this when I get the chance.
  10. Alexis Greenblatt
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Great workout! I paired this one with another (the one you did in Colorado) and I got a great workout! Those wraps are killer.Thank you!
  11. Leonard Cicio
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Hey Sean,  Just starting to watch your videos and enjoying them.  Do you work out with other exercises besides the power yoga to build your body, like dumb bells or weights to develop your muscles?  Thanks Len
  12. 10908070605040302
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    you Sir are what we call in Ireland a 'Gas man', i.e funny guy ha keep it goin man god bless dem stretches
  13. Jackie Hayes
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Sean is hilarious! Loved this video. I'm definitely going to check out more of his workouts.
  14. NikMetalEx
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Always a pleasure watching & doing your workouts. Thanks!
  15. Vanessa Weaner
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    loved this! i would love more advanced work or even more advanced than this would be great
  16. rdburns001
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Excellent as always brother!  First one I've done since having the flu the last three days.  Good morning sweat!  GOD Bless!
  17. Terry Pritchard
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Brilliant work out Sean. Thanks. Addie star of the show though. ?
  18. joshua david
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Awesome workout!!! My wife and I do your workouts all the time. Would love some more advanced flow videos! Thank you for the amazing workouts you share.
  19. TooFIT4You
    June 20, 01:23 Reply
    Hi Sean. That was an awesome Yoga sequence. I will use that a lot . thank you Cheers, Kate :)
  20. oprolevorter
    October 29, 22:58 Reply
    You have brought up a very great points, appreciate it for the post.

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