Yoga Stretches for Back Pain Relief, Sciatica, Neck Pain & Flexibility, Beginners Level Workout

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Yoga Stretches for Back Pain Relief, Sciatica, Neck Pain & Flexibility, Beginners Level Workout

In this beginners at home yoga class, Jen Hilman shares yoga stretches designed to alleviate back pain, neck pain and sciatica. These yoga poses will also help increase flexibility and strengthen the back. This is an at home yoga workout for both men and women and is yoga for beginners level.

Jen Hilman teach Yoga classes in Austin, Texas.

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  1. Judy Reed
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    Great video!! I'll come back often - I've had chronic back problems for years & this definitely gave relief.
  2. Eloisa Oliveira
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    Amazing!! I have had back and neck pain for so long! Never thought that yoga would be the answer. I'm really happy I started! And you are a great instructor. Thank you so much!
  3. Aunt Barbara
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    I feel absolutely GREAT after doing this. Your voice is very soothing, and the music is perfect. Thank you so much for making this video.<br />Reply
  4. eurosafe1
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    Thanks so much for doing this video , I blew a disc in my lower back just over a year ago and ended up with. Sciatica down my left side all the way to my toes worst pain ever . . After doing a lot of personal rehab I find the yoga to be the best thing with no back pain now .I still have some nerve damage in my second toe which I would love to know how to get rid of , anyhow thanks again Jen I watch your video every day ? .
  5. Holly Blake
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    Have suffered back and knee pain (gluten are EXTREMELY) tight in addition to all my muscles in my back, shoulder and neck. I am overweight - so doing the poses seemed difficult to start but by the end were much easier. This really workout really felt good and I will continue them. I will also be looking into more of your workouts. Very calming and soothing. Thank you.
  6. Emily Hope
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    Best yoga instructor ever, you actually explain the movement. form is so important - thank you :)<br />And you're so beautiful!
  7. 07ikkin
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    +PsycheTruth I received better information on stretches on this You Tube channel than at MULTIPLE physical therapy appointments. Thank You!
  8. Mad97s
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    i love this video so much <3
  9. Jessica Robertson
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    This routine REALLY helped me. I am a nursing mother of two toddlers and I work in graphic design, so my posture is often horrible. Thank you for making my back feel better today. I am hooked now.
  10. Caleb Latreille
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    the pacing and range of motion in this video have definitely made it my favourite routine, hands down. recovering from a pinched nerve right now and along with some specific exercises recommended by my physiotherapist, this video has definitely been the most helpful part of my healing. thanks so much, Jen!
  11. Maggie Tavakoli
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    I have a wander full experience after i followed ur video from my back pain( Sciatica suffer ) thank you, such a good filing .
  12. Ellie Cohen
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    really happy i did this. :) feeling amazing, and her voice is hypnotic and perfect for yoga. thanks!
  13. Timothy Olsen
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    FROM MY WIFE:I have terrible fibromyalgia, and have never been able to do much exercise, let alone yoga. However, this video has CHANGED MY LIFE. Not only am I able to do this video, but for the first time in years, I have more energy where I'm able to leave the house and actually keep up with my toddler. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.
  14. Melai Gomez
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    this really helps to reduced my back pain...thank you so much keep on posting like this
  15. Maria Blas
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    I'm so happy that I found your videos! I love that I can do them at home!!! I have recommended tthem at work to co workers, including doctors and nurses! It really helps me, your amazing!!
  16. Akhil Varma
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    I just love this video...thank you so much for making this ... Appreciated your love n time on this enchanting gift given to us....God bless you ?
  17. david jenson
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    Thank you for this and your soothing voice. I have had both of my hips replaced due to arthritis and these beginner videos are helping me gain strength and flexibility.
  18. Sheri Moultrie
    June 19, 01:52 Reply
    I have severe back pain for over 15+ years. Not going to list everything wrong or we'll be here until the next millennium. I made it through 15 mins of the workout and was not able to complete it because I started having severe spasms. I really enjoyed the portion that I was able to complete. I am not going to be discouraged but try again tomorrow. This video was very relaxing and I even fell asleep for a couple of minutes. lol

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