Yoga for Women – Yoga For Cramps and PMS

Because you demanded it… a special LADIES ONLY video! Yoga for Cramps and PMS. This is a gentle and restorative sequence for a woman to practice before or during her cycle. Adriene shares supportive postures using items you will have around the house – such as a blanket or towel and a few pillows. (Or LOTS of pillows!) (“Those aren’t pillows!!!!”)

This sequence invites the ladies to slow it down and support the body and its natural rhythm. It provides relief for PMS, cramps and lower back aches. It calms the nervous system and chills the energetic body leaving you feeling cool and clear. Practice to support the body and it’ wisdom – leaving frustration and fussiness behind.

Take the time for yourself ladies! You deserve it!

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  1. Paramesita _K
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    my cramp not disappear but it better now., Thanks Lovelyy
  2. Tegan Rose
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    Hey Adrienne, I love your videos , they have helped me profoundly :) I know this one was published a little while ago, so you may have already shifted your practice! However if not, please consider using more inclusive language to avoid misgendering, stereotyping, or otherwise excluding any people who are trying out yoga to help with their menstrual cycle. Trans men and other non-binary, genderfluid, or queer folks might need this information too <3 <3 <3 I would love for your videos to be accessible (and have enjoyable, welcoming vibes) for all kinds of individuals so more people can grow in this direction of holistic health and well-being. <3 Thank you!
  3. Naomi Brown
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    Thank you Adriene, I've just been doing this on my bed to ease my cramps, as it's nearly 1am and I can't find any pain relief! Definitely has helped and hopefully I can snooze soon!
  4. She do
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    Great! now that i'm relieved i can go back to watching One piece XD<br />Thank you so much I FEEL SO GOOD GONE CRYYYY <3
  5. Eve H
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    This completely turned my day around!
  6. Ciara Tierney
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    I feel a release but I really enjoyed it thanks Adriene for this video :)
  7. zcallier
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    This was incredible Adriene! I feel so grounded and grateful for my femininity after this! You Rock!
  8. Monika Fonkiewicz
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    Thank you so much for creating this practice...I felt so much love and support! It made me feel so good :)
  9. TideGlider Sink
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    thank you. just. thank you. I am so relieved I am crying. it's 4 am and I've been awake all night in misery searching for a remedy and thus worked wonders. not all poses but the hands and knees one worked really well.
  10. Bailey Marie
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    I was a little skeptical but I can walk now! This helped me so much, now I can actually make it through my day at work ???
  11. Iyla McGrath
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    This is the best yoga sequence I have ever done. :)
  12. Lauren Wasson
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    Hi Adriene,<br />I have a very hard time with any aspect of the hero pose. The tops of my feet start to cramp in all variations that you show. I'm not sure if it's because my legs are disproportionately long to the rest of me, it's frustrating me today since I usually dont have a problem with your videos. Any advice?
  13. Kylen Burns
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    This video is two years old but still so perfect. I literally do this sequence every month!
  14. Rosaline Nessa
    June 19, 02:16 Reply
    thank you so much my cramps were really bad and i've spent all day watching videos but nothing worked untill i watched yours i'm so relaxed and there's no pain anymore so thank you.

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