Yoga for Strength and Focus

Adriene shares an active and aware practice for building strength in the body and connecting to your focus. This sequence wakes up the body and with practice will help build strong muscles in the legs, arms and core. This practice is also intended to assist you in becoming more aware of your thoughts, your words and your ultimately your focus. This can help with concentration on a project or connecting to your bigger purpose. Return to this practice regularly to see how you have grown! You are capable of so much! Namaste! For more free yoga videos and to receive Adriene’s weekly letter visit

Closing Music by Justin Sherburn –
Intro song by Shakey Graves –

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  1. Amanda Perrella
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    adriene, i've been watching your vidoes for some time now. i just wanted to express my gratitude. your sense of humor, awareness, and ease brings me great peace. i wish you all the best and abundant happiness on your journey.
  2. Paris Strachan
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    I'm so grateful for your videos! They help me keep my practice up at home when class is cancelled or I'm feeling reclusive, Thank you Adriene!
  3. amanda stein
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    I have been following you for a little over a year now, I suffer from chronic back and foot pain and I cannot tell you how much your videos have helped me heal. I just want to say thank you ! I have done this video quite a few times but this is the first time I was actually able to build enough strength to do crow pose for longer than 10 seconds! it is a little success but I am so happy I almost want to cry lol. So thank you Adrienne you truly are an amazing teacher.
  4. Annie G.
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    thank you adriene for this, once again, amazing practice. You are very talented, you are very kind to share your talent with us. Namaste.
  5. Richard Thompson
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    Woah this sequence was intense. My legs were shaking on those last high lunges. Feels great in shavasana after that. I love those upper back twists in the lunge pose too. Thanks for a great morning.
  6. Melissa McCormick
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    CROW!!!! YES!! Thank you Adrienne for making me want to stick with it :) TY!
  7. ronille ek
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    I DID CROW!! If only just for like two seconds.. both feet were of the ground! Today I really didn't feel like doing yoga or anything for that matter. I have not been on the mat for like a week and a half due to i've been away and it's been super hot here. But today I came to the mat and to be honest i really didn't feel it during the practice until crow I was like "lets at least try it" And I DID IT FOR A FEW SECONDS :)) And when savasana came i didn't even think about the rough in life at that moment. I just were here.. now. I'm so happy I did this practice and I'm so happy that Adriene do these videos for us <3
  8. rohan sarkar
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    Hi Adriene I would am doing power yoga 4 days a week is it good for total body.Thank you :-)
  9. Nancy Martina Kovac
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    Hello dear, I have't done yoga in a a couple of years. I started following your videos when I moved to Canada from Europe and have gone through a lot of stress, depression, anxiety and family issues. I started following your videos for the last 3 months and since than I do yoga at home couple of times a week. You have given me new strength and energy and I wanna thank you for all the happy beautiful yoga videos that mean soooo much to me, Thank you dear Adriene
  10. CB Douglas
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    What is the ending music? So beautiful! And thank you for your awesome sauce yoga!!!
  11. Laci Ulrich
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    Yo girl. I feel bad for not writing sooner. You've totally changed my opinion of yoga on YouTube. And frankly, you've kept me sane without access to proper studios. I'm currently in Vietnam, and you've sort of been here along the journey. Thanks. Lots.
  12. Nanee Kim
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    Whenever i'm lost, this video helps a lot. thank you!!!!
  13. Karishma Anand
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    Hi Adrienne, great video. :)<br />I just wanted to know if there any negative effects for pranayama. Everytime, I do pranayama I feel sleepy the entire day. Not sure, if I am doing it correctly.
  14. Jennifer Dippel
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    THIS! YES THIS! oh I am ready for my day now. I just found and really connect with your easy way of teaching, allowing and inviting free time to do what our bodies feel it needs during a stretch. Very empowering. Thank you!!! I wish I could hit thumbs up 500 times!!
  15. utthararameshbabu
    June 19, 18:25 Reply
    hi adrienne! what was the outdo music for this video? it was perfect for the headspace I was in at the end of this sequence.
  16. oprol evorter
    November 08, 08:27 Reply
    Some truly interesting info , well written and broadly speaking user genial.

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