Yoga For Strength – 40 Minute Vinyasa Sequence

Yoga For Strength! Join Adriene for a 40 Minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This practice cultivates heat, trims, tones, builds strength and flexibility. Adriene works with a strong foundation and encourages you to integrate a long lasting breath practice in your Vinyasa flow yoga. With full body awareness and strong focus on alignment this practice is swift but offers variations for you to try as you build your practice. Open the hips, the shoulders and tap into your core strength. This vinyasa yoga practice tones the legs and the arms while offering a strong foundation to protect the joints. Be mindful and meet your edge! Return to this practice to experience your growth and deepen your practice. “The journey is the reward.” Practice.

What is a Vinyasa?

Practice a safe Chaturanga:

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  1. Roberto Del Favero
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    Most professional, funny and technical Channel!<br />Thanks for make me feel good!
  2. Nestor Chauez
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    ɷ Heey Friendz I Have F0und Greatttt Guide On Weight Lose visitt : - <a href=""></a>
  3. Diane M
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    Want to let you know your support button doesnt work on my kindle. Will use my computer!
  4. Dianna Silver
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    this was soo hard for me :( trying to get back into yoga
  5. Zelda King
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    I love this. I need more sequences specifically for strength...really connects me to what I need! Awesome video.
  6. Cailin Shurson
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    Hey Adriene, LOVED this sequence. It was the right amount of challenging! I would have loved to take a few more breaths to enjoy the side stretches in the middle. Also at the end it would be helpful to play us out with at least a few minutes of music so we can soak up the savasana. My auto play kicked in & I had to get up stop it. :( Bummer. But I loved all the fun poses you had in here!!! Never tried revolved flamingo before & my favorite sequencing involves around the mat!!! XD NAMASTE! <3
  7. Stag Dragon
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    I've been looking for a good work out yoga, I needed to work up my muscles again and I LOOOOOVE yoga so yeah... also if anyone asks why doomguy does yoga they shouldn't be here.<br /><br />EDIT: man after that i feel great! very good work you do. keep it up.
  8. Sally
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    so so grateful for this practice today. reminding me to cultivate self love and dedicate time to nourishing my body and mind, and it feels so good. thank you thank you thank you
  9. SongoftheSea
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    I absolutely LOVE this sequence!!! I did it the morning of my wedding in November and today, the morning of my qualifying exam. It is such a great way to calm my nerves, set my focus for the day, and burn off excess energy. Thank you Adriene!!!
  10. Tanja Jensen
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    This is the most dynamic yoga I have done i a long time :-)
  11. aliawh
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    I struggle to practice on my own so when I don't have access to my favorite yoga studios or can't make it to a class I can go may days without practicing. This is the first flow that I have enjoyed from home. You kept me moving. it felt like I was in a class instead of watching a video online. Thank you!
  12. Susan Sanford
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    I like Adriene's voice and demeanor, but this class should be called "Beginner's Yoga." There is really only about 20 minutes of yoga poses in the middle and long pauses throughout. Not a strenuous, strength class, and a bit too much talking, just a little. Again, I like Adriene and may try another class, but this was sort of a waste--did not relax, as there was much talking, and did not provide strength poses.
  13. Jazz Jackson
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    Thank you for this amazing yoga sequence <3 I could feel the burn but it was a good kinda burn! This was my first attempt at a flamingo pose so I'm going to keep practising :)
  14. Ashley LaRose
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    I love this! Every pose really helped open up my back and hips! <3
  15. Collin Benson
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    I like this routine bc it is long and helps me focus on the areas I struggle with. Lately I have been noticing in my body that my mind doesn't work as fast, some would call this mental fog, and I have been exercising everyday bc I think it helps me concentrate and build my confidence. Thanks so much Adriene and keep making videos.
  16. Lauren J
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!!
  17. Katharina L
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    This really kicks my butt every time, but I love it. <3
  18. Kelsey LeGloahec
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    Thank you for this practice. I had been sore from a run the other day and this was a great session to stretch me out but still work up a light sweat. Namaste Adriene!
  19. Melissa Allred
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    Im surprised that this video has gotten so many likes. It was painful to get through this without any music. Even just background or soft classical music would be a nice addition to this video.
  20. Ayla Zambardi
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    yoga never felt so amazing! thanks Adriene! This felt so good!
  21. MrArukimasu
    June 19, 02:27 Reply
    Just did this on a Sunday morning before starting my day and I feel great! I always feel loose and comfortable after your sessions. Thanks so much for posting these!
  22. vurtilopmer
    October 29, 16:23 Reply
    Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was looking for!

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