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Yoga For Sciatica. This gentle and supportive practice is soothing for those who are in recovery from pain or injury and ready to easy back into a physical practice. This yummy yoga sequence is also great for those looking for solid preventative care and injury prevention! Dear friends, please note: if you are currently suffering from lower back or nerve pain consult your doctor before engaging in regular physical activity. Take good care! Namaste.

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  1. CRP
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Hi Adriene, can i use this yoga for numbness in my legs?<br />Thanks.<br />CHintan
  2. Emma Mosch
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Hi Adriene! I'm a big fan of yours and I really love every yoga sequence you upload, especially the way you teach yoga! Could you please do a video for hands? I suffer from inflammation and can't do yoga poses that involve hands too much, such as downward facing dog or crow pose.<br />I also would love to know how you became a yoga teacher! I'm falling in love with yoga more and more and I'd love to become a yoga teacher as well one day:)
  3. Carlos Morales
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Great stretch session. Needed it this morning. Thanks again Adriene.
  4. Tish Bell
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Thank-you! This was great!!! Keep up the awesome videos.
  5. V Madrigal
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Hi Adriene! Can you please do a video for scoliosis? Thank you in advance.
  6. Marie Barton
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Giving myself a pedicure this morning and something popped or spasmed in my lower right back, been hobbling around half bent all day which in turn left my upper back begging to be straightened! <br />I decided to give this a try to see how far I got and I'm so pleased I did. It still hurts but it has certainly helped to free things up a bit - once again Adriene to the rescue!<br />Thank you
  7. pollyg1980
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    hamstring stretches make sciatica worse! you shouldnt be stretching a tight proformas, you need to open up the hips and focus on strengthening that area, this is what a few ny yoga teaches say. I had sciatica since I started yoga and believe it was because of hamstring stretches.
  8. Amanda Green
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    This worked. Two years of waking up in pain...fixed in less than a week. Thank you.
  9. pollyg1980
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Hey! love your vids. I do get sciatica when I'm walking. not during yoga but think it's triggered by yoga, which positions should I AVOID during my yoga practice? I heard hamstring stretches are bad for sciatica? be great to get your advice. thanks so much. :)
  10. rgshere
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    I recently got into a car accident where my car is totaled and i'm not able to do my normal daily workout routine and so this has been such a lifeline. :')
  11. Taylor N (quasar)
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Maybe I'm just exceptionally useless, but I simply cannot do the cow legs move where you grab your feet. An alternate move there would be great.
  12. Caitlin McCluskey
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    I woke up this morning in an incredible amount of pain after sleeping on a friend's sofa and could barely walk for hours. This was a GREAT video and got me back in good shape. Thank you for your constant reminders to focus on the breath and keep the lower back pressed--I don't know what I'd do without you!
  13. psammiad
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Great - I have a touch of sciatic pain after bending over stupidly, exactly as you said. Enjoyed this routine and your humour and attitude too, I'll definitely watch more.
  14. Martha Warner
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Oh this felt amazing! I have been having lower back pain since I started a job where I am at my desk most of the day. These stretches always feel great....thank you :)
  15. Matuko Shion
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    hi Adrienne, can you please make a video for strengthening arm muscles ?
  16. Dustin Haley
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Awesome blossom rad times can I inspect anything Xeon ever ever ever.
  17. Gertrud K
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Really needed that in my day today! Could you do a video for knees/knee health some time pleaase Adriene? :)
  18. Brianne Foster
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Thank you for this video, very much needed! Do you have any yoga poses/suggestions for the hands? I have been dealing with cramps in my hands that prevent me from gripping and and grasping. For instance, I could barely grip the towel during the hamstring stretch in this video. Thank you, Adriene!
  19. Heather Westover
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    I really wish I had this video after I had my third baby. That one totally wrecked havoc on my lower back, this practice would have totally helped me right after. I only had to wait 7 years. ;) This was a great practice for me today. Thanks!
  20. The Student
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    I have been struggling for the past couple years to make Yoga along side walking a regular routine in my life. Combined with healthy eating, I've gotten very healthy, dropped forty or fifty pounds and my Disc and Sciatica pain would cease. Somehow, I always fall back out of it, and go back to eating junk, not walking, and not doing Yoga. I gain most of the weight back, and all of the back pain. I always find myself doing the videos on this channel though, and hopefully, one day it'll stick XP
  21. Lisa_MarieMusic
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    I do your videos all the time and I am so thankful you make them! I injured my back 5 weeks ago helping my poor 70 pound neutered puppy up the stairs haha. I was finally able to do this routine and it felt so good!!! I can't wait to get back into a yoga routine. I miss it so much. Thanks again!!!
  22. CompassionatelyKylie
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    I don't have sciatica but she shared this on Facebook on being good for before bed/to help with sleep. What a yummy and gentle practice anyone can benefit from! I'm ready for bed now. I feel very relaxed and my energy was being used constructively!
  23. Sarah L
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    You are awesome and I love your channel. This was just what I needed today!
  24. Sabrina Leal
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    My prayers answered! I practice with you all the time and I am currently suffering from some serious sciatic nerve pain (I'm 5 mo postpartum and something got shifted!) This is truly serendipitous!
  25. Jeff Smith
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    Dope. Thank you and I hate you all at once.
  26. Maggie E Beckjord
    June 19, 06:06 Reply
    I SO appreciate your tapes, your outreach. Specifically this week I was wondering what I could do to eliminate the sciatica. Voila - here it is. I am so thankful :)

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