Yoga For Relaxation

Yoga For Relaxation with Adriene is here! This yoga sequence is perfect for those seeking to relax and relieve anxiety. Perfect for a recovery day and perfect for those needing a little time for yourself. This yoga practice is fun, slow and stretchy and great for all levels and those seeking to deepen their practice with a connection to the breath. Repeat this practice weekly to promote overall health and become more flexible – both in mind and body! Join Adriene on the mat and Find What Feels Good.

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  1. Liz Levin
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    I am at intermediate yoga level. the poses are too advanced.
  2. Nicole Scheidler
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    This is a great one for morning practice. Just out of bed, all tired and stiff. Perfect.
  3. YJ M
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    Hi Adriene! I have followed a few practices of yours in the past. Today I feel extremely stressful with all the upcoming school exams, my own business and work deadlines, so I tried this destress yoga. It helps a lot and now I am back to work with a stable mind. Thank you! <3
  4. James Anthony
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    FINALLY I've found a yoga instructor on Youtube that I can follow. I've tried so many, and Adriene, you are far and away my favorite. I love your light hearted approach and ability to let go and be silly in such an authentic way. By doing this, you give the rest of us permission & encouragement to just be ourselves. Also, and I can't stress this enough, but I love that you don't rush through postures like many YouTube instructors tend to - which always left me feeling frustrated and unable to appreciate the stretches. I instantly subscribed after this routine. Thank you for what you do. Namaste...
  5. Daydreamer Allieas
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    I never felt so relaxed in my entire life! I feel like my stress has gone away and my worries are gone!
  6. Razan
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    my thighs hurt like crazy and i couldn't do half of the positions
  7. Miss Krogey
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    you are without a doubt the beat yoga teacher ever... you make it so easy, comfortable and enjoyable... thank you!
  8. Kristinna Hechinger
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    I have had trouble fully relaxing and clearing my mind during yoga and meditation before, but this video helped me completely break down the barriers blocking me from reaching that point. I was able to achieve a beautiful and fulfilling practice tonight. Thank you Adriene and namaste. <3
  9. davidcfc95
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    I was doing this for half an hour??? Wow, just incredible! Lots of love from Scotland
  10. Awa Love
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    Thank you Adrienne!!???????????????love that we. And laugh during yoga it's awesome!!Lots of Love!!????
  11. Joan Harris
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    Deep gratitude to yu, Adrienne for offering this practice! Just what this body needed.Slept like a rock all night! I have been doing yoga over 20 years and it's the first time I saw that wonderful twist with the bent leg, opposite arm threaded through & opening the chest! I plan to do that one every day; I am a breast cancer survivor who had surgery and I am always looking for chest opening stretches. Thanks again!
  12. Paxyism
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    Thank you so much for this video!! This is what I have been looking for for years.
  13. Lisa Burns
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    Hey Adriene, saying hi all the way from Halifax, NS. I just wanted to say that you make me smile every single day. I suffer from depression and anxiety for most of my life and I was on YouTube trying to find something to help. I stumbled upon your yoga videos and you had me hooked. I can't go a day without doing some type of sequence with you. You are a great teacher.The way you talk throughout the video's makes me feel like I am doing yoga with a friend. You are the best, keep doing what your doing because Halifax is watching and doing a routine with you everyday!!!!
  14. Irfan Rashid
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    Gawd for the first time did real yoga, feeling good on neck & back, was like pressure on my veins while stretching legs, but yeah a good session, hoping soon I'll master it, thank you Adriene :)
  15. Jordyn Fitz
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    Thank you for the beautiful practice tonight! My boyfriend & I did this before bedtime, a relaxing way to end the weekend
  16. Adi Baker
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    This was a very welcome addition to my week. Thanks Adrienne:)
  17. H BB
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    This was a great practice Adriene. Thanks for being real, letting your hair down, and teaching us! Best wishes.
  18. Paige Douglas
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    Hi I just want to say thanks as this video has really helped me calm down and destress I am a student as the moment so life is quite stressful x
  19. Isipeasylemonsqueezy
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    This was awesome. Even made me cry at some point because it felt so relieving! ❤️
  20. phoenix rising
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    Awesome, Namaste Adriene!<br /><br /><a href="">10:30</a> <a href="">28:47</a> and Sivasana
  21. Silas Brown
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    namaste Adriene. i enjoy this so much i never thought i would look forward to doing something like this your practice in the morning helps me get through my day. then the relaxation at night makes it all worth it. thank you so much i really hope that you get this message.
  22. Big Zee
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    Thanx, we all need support sometimes
  23. Heartshapedenemy
    June 19, 02:40 Reply
    this just made me realize how not not flexible i am and how horrible my sitting posture is.

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