Yoga For Relaxation – Stress Relief & Anxiety Management. Day 1 of 5.

Yoga For Relaxation – De-stress, battle anxiety, and depression with this relaxing 30 Minute Beginners Yoga For Stress Relief! Explore holistic approaches to stress relief, anxiety management, and battling depression in this Full 30 Minute, Beginners Yoga Flow! Certified Yoga Instructor Jen Hilman from Austin TX, leads this Beginners Yoga flow.


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  1. Marwa Al-Mughairi
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    hi ,since i can't go to yoga places here in Oman this is really helps to take off all the negative thoughts and strengthen my body energy.. it gives me the ability to stay calm after long time of anxiety and illness .<br />i really appreciate it , thank you
  2. Sweet Sally
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    Hi Jen<br />I've got a question , in this video I had to stop , because<br />my shins hurt bad .I've got bad knees , could that be why ?<br />Other I Love the video ! <br />Sincerely Marlene
  3. Aya Miyahara
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    You are my good yoga teacher .I can sleep really well, thanks to you.  I want to say thank you far from Japan.
  4. Magdalena Pacholska
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    greatest classes I have ever found on Youtube, Jen's voice is like a calming pill, so soothing, and these postures are simply working!
  5. Lea Sophie
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    By far the best online yoga instructions I have found. Love your voice, and the tempo. I'm also really happy with how often you remind us to pay attention to our bodies and to not push ourselves too hard. I've seen so many people get injured trying to do yoga and doing things they were not ready for. Hope to someday take a class with you in person :)
  6. Lynn
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    Im not too familiar with this subscribing thing but when i subcribe will this come up when i go to search your video? I want this ladies video to come up and not lose this<br />thankyou anyone PS to this young lady , I did your heart opening and it really helped with my anxiety this am and helped a bit with depression Thankyou again Jen
  7. Maria Vargas
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    I'd like to see poses known as Trikonasana (?) , warrior poses and other poses that relieves tension, anxieties and depressive feelings I'm sure these poses will help turbulent minds help ease in tranquil peace + serenity for such a good night sleep :D Thanks to ALL yoga teachers for helping us , the public, rest our minds & bodies: YOGA TEACHERS,...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ?????Namaste?☺️
  8. Jennifer Carlsen
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    I really like all the yoga tx practices that I have done.  It is my go to channel for yoga.  I enjoyed this practice with Jen.  You have a very soothing voice and calming energy.  Thank you!
  9. Ado Podrinje
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    great video! but cold Showers also help a lot against these problems above mensioned!!
  10. Lady Chaos
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    Thank you very much for amazing practise <3 You're one of my favourite yogis out there, I'm so glad I've found this channel. Have a very pleasant day :)
  11. Bugboy44
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    My hips felt heavy and my thighs were shaking, it was slightly difficult to walk too. I felt all of these weird feelings in my legs after I was done with this. Is that normal for beginners? Any who, besides that I felt super good after I finished this, seriously, I haven't felt so relaxed like this in a long time! My head was clear and free of worries! Definitely be coming back to this!
  12. Dan Miller
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    I really like this video. It is very relaxing. I think it would be more relaxing if at the end of the video when you are lying down, it didn't automatically switch to that yoga tx picture with the person talking. I find it challenging to stay in corpse pose while some other voice all of a sudden comes on and starts another yoga class.
  13. bikrish amatya
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    This is great, I feel very good after doing this... <br />Is it true that yoga can be practiced only in empty stomach ? What will happen if I practice these steps after having some light food like tea with something.. ?
  14. lynn st-pierre
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    You are very beautiful! It's so nice to find a relaxing class that I can finally connect to in order to stretch and relax! So many people think that any Yoga stretching class is only for beginners when sometimes we just need to stretch regardless if we are beginners or not! I will also bring this into my teachings of Gentle Yoga. Thanks for your inspiration. Very grounding energy! Thank you!
  15. Norlyn Gadingan
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    I'm so glad i came across this video! I've been stressing alot lately and my anxiety hasn't help but doing this yoga is helping me! thank you so much. much love from hawaii.
  16. Michelle Johnson
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    I just want to say thank you YogaTX and Jen! This was the first video I just happened to stumble upon and I am so glad I did! Now I look forward to coming home from work everyday and doing the Yoga for weight loss, it really helps empower me and centers my happy little soul. You are truly lovely Jen and all YogaTX Instructors so thank you ever so much :) Also btw I LOVE all your yoga clothes and would so dig it if you could give me tips or share where I can buy some like yours as it's really hard to find such unique outfits :-D Much peace and love. Namaste :)
  17. Yoga TX
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    Yes, It is safe to donate through the YouTube "Support" button.  Very safe.  Thanks!
  18. hippyheads
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    is it safe to donate to your site using my credit card. your videos are worth it.
  19. hippyheads
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    fantastic video, although i have to say i watched it first and did some of the sitting down movements on my chair. the twisting ones. i felt so relaxed. it was well explained  and nice and slow and at very important bits we were told to pay attention. this is a great video. i will do this one many times over as it will always produce great results. thank you so much. these videos are worth money.
  20. Pedro Santiago
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    Are you no longer with psyche truth? I also subscribed to this channel regardless. love your videos thanks so much keep up the GREAT WORK!! 
  21. Jen M
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    Wonderfu, relaxing pactice. Thankyou so much! When does the next one come out?<br />Blessings
  22. Margaret Hardy
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    I love your videos. They have helped me so much managing stress and pain.Thank you Yoga TX
  23. Kerek Perec
    June 19, 23:00 Reply
    Between <a href="">8:56</a> and <a href="">11:24</a> I thought I am too old for this practice, but after that what Jen said (about <a href="">13:28</a> - <a href="">13:38</a>) just made me feel comfortable and smile. Thank you Jen, I like your video even if English is my second language, and sometimes I have to look up to see what I have to do :)

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