Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Pain – 20 Minute Beginners Yoga For Neck, Back, & Shoulder Pain

Beginners Yoga: How To Relieve Neck Pain, Neck Tension, Headaches, and Shoulder Pain, naturally, Through Yoga! Learn how to holistically Relieve Tension & Pain in Your Neck and Shoulders, and Get Rid of Headaches in this Instructional Yoga Video. Certified Yoga Instructor Cole Chance from Austin TX, leads this Yoga flow. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video.


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  1. amie hawks
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    I have myofascial pain syndrome. Just did this - first sign of relief I've had in days! Thank you!
  2. Alyson Custer
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Amazing!! I was suffering from a pinched nerve that nothing would help , and after doing this video the pain was gone!<br />Thankyou
  3. Marlaina Geo
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Working for 12 hours in a warehouse.<br />This actually helped. Thank you. Simple and not too complicated!
  4. Silver Star
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    This is a Wonderful excercise for painful shoulders and upper back,this girl is genius!!!!WHat a relief these excercises,thank you so much..
  5. Kim Brown
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Been doing this only 3 days in a row but already feel better. Thank you so much for the help.
  6. Lulabella Potter
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    These exercises are great I've been trying them for a few days now and the difference in the flexibility in my neck & shoulders is amazing! Great teacher thank you Cole!
  7. Owen Mabey
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Awesome 20 minute session. Felt relaxed the hole time and didn't feel like 20 minutes had passed. Will definitely be doing more yoga!
  8. Rasmus
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Chey Chole, Thank you again for the great session. I have been watching your videos for almost a year now- sadly, haven't been able to practice along throughout. Recently, I got sick with Influenza and bed-ridden for almost a month. My body was very weak and today after watching your video after long, I feel much better with my breathing. Thank you for the great work.
  9. That hurt but it was good! My left shoulder has been really sore lately and my back and neck began hurting today. THis really helped. I'm moving to Austin soon and will definitely be looking you up.
  10. ManhattanStory
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    I love Cole Chance so much! She's by far the best from YogaTX. Watching her videos changed my physical health!
  11. Megan McConnell
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    I've been doing this video for many months now and it always gives me instant relief for neck pain. Thank you so much for sharing this video!
  12. Lisa Curtis
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Amazing results after practicing these stretches tonight. My neck and shoulders were all locked up and causing pain and now I feel a release that will help me get a better rest tonight. Thank you!
  13. Stefanie Ruehl
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Thank you so much for this video - I've been struggling with neck pain for a few months now and practiced quite a bit of yoga, but nothing has quite worked - these exercises really helped to stretch the tight knot of muscles right in the center of my neck - it's brilliant, so very much appreciated. Thanks!!
  14. Charisse Sanz
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    I started watching this video and six minutes into it, I was getting annoyed more than getting relaxed and focused. The host of this video talks too much and unnecessarily. She also seemed rushed and not relaxing at all.
  15. Veleka Georgieva
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Ah in the middle of exam season, spending lots and lots of time sitting bent over notes and textbooks, my neck and shoulders were really beginning to hate me and to take their slow vengeance on my body. Thank you so much for this video! I really didn't think anything could make me feel so much better so quickly!
  16. Jodie Mcclellan
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    I swear by this and your back pain video. awesome. many thanks. instant relief
  17. Lisa Samson
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Thank-you Cole. This was really beneficial! I tried a few others on here and this one rocked it. I was in a car accident, so my muscles are still very tight. Namaste
  18. HopeShinesx
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Amazing, my neck and shoulders feel so much better. The relief! Thank you for doing this!
  19. Larissa Converse
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Anyone who put a thumbs down or wrote negative comments must not want to feel better. Cole! This was amazing I have a really demanding job that kills my body. This helps every time I am sore.
  20. lunadog71
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Thank you for this great practice. It was just what I needed to loosen the tension in my neck and shoulders :)
  21. N7iila
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    a huge thank you from morocco!
  22. murat u
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    i was suffering from shoulder pain. Thanx to your video, i am better than ever.
  23. ManhattanStory
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    The stupid physiotherapist I was going to...This actually helped me instead!
  24. Casey Bernstein
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Cole, you are awesome. Your videos help me so much. I can continue my practice even here in Istanbul. The videos are the perfect length of time to squeeze in during my twins nap times. And the shoulder and back stretches allows me to continue to pick up my boys. You are a life saver. Thank you!
  25. Caral C Trust
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    i have a really bad pinched nerve in my shoulder blade your stretches are helping.. Do you have any stretches that help this.???
  26. misslenderful
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Instant relief is correct, first practice with you my new friend for life..
  27. Angela Beck
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Loved it! So helpful. Felt like it was exactly what my body needed. ?
  28. Robyn
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Brilliant stuff. It actually works. Thank you so much. So fortunate to have discovered yoga TX. I really like Cole as an instructor as all the transitions between stretches always seem so well thought out - one naturally leads to the other. Wonderful work.
  29. Khalid Khalid
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    unbelievable, thank you so very much! the transformation before and after is unbelievable.
  30. Josie Chalmers
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    I just came home from the dr's visit and decide to do yoga man what a great relief.
  31. portland831
    June 19, 23:07 Reply
    Again, so amazing. This is a game changer for me. Thank you so much Cole and YogaTX. After 13 yrs of hairdressing, and using my body for sports/gardening/motorcycle riding/parenting etc these poses and sequences are just what I need to break up the monotony- let alone scar tissue of stiff muscles. Do you have anything for lower arms/wrists/hands? I feel like those are other forgotten areas. Anyways, ALL THE THANK YOUS!
  32. vurtil opmer
    October 27, 17:28 Reply
    Hi there, simply was aware of your blog thru Google, and found that it's really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future. Numerous other people can be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

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