Yoga For Knee Pain – Yoga for Post Knee Surgery. Gentle & Safe Modified Poses

This video is for people suffering from recent knee surgeries/injuries. This is also a GREAT practice for people with broken wrists/suffering from wrist injuries, who are unable to practice a traditional yoga pose. This 20 minute yoga flow takes all pressure off the hands and knees and allows us to meet our bodies exactly where we’re at!

This video represents a deeply personal practice that Lauren engaged in while she was on crutches. She wants to share this practice with the world so that others with similar situations know that yoga is ALWAYS available to any one. With any body. Any Injury. ANY TIME.


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  1. Gail Rosin
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Excellent video! Recovering from knee surgery and I feel I got my workout today! Great pace and I love the modified poses! Great for me to use in the future as a yoga teacher! Many thanks!
  2. Maria Miranda
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Thank you Lauren I just had surgery and after a month of not moving this felt great, thanks.
  3. Pat Tremaine
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Loved these options on classic poses. Please more videos! Thx
  4. Zoey finn
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    That was brilliant. Loved that you can still do all the regular poses just lying down instead. Didn't think this was possible.
  5. Pam Lane
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Brilliant - thank you for sharing !!
  6. Jenna E
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Thank you for this video!! My mom has very painful arthritis in her wrists. I found your video for my knees and decided to share it with her. You have inspired her to continue daily yoga routine that allows her to love her body without hurting her wrists. We thank you so much for sharing this low impact yoga experience!
  7. mary bee
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    i have this exact same mat. i love seeing your outline on yours!
  8. Mari Luz Gil-Cervantes
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    I've been searching for a yoga routine that accommodated my post surgery knee. This was perfect! No more time twisting or pushing my sensitive knee. Very useful!
  9. ellen vekemans
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    This is an amasing video, I had surgery on my kneecap, so I am not allow to bend my knee further than 90° or I am not allowed to put any weight on it (a lot of excerises need weight or bending) but allmost every exercise in this video was possible after my surgery. Thank you for sharing this wonderfull video. If only there were more like this :)
  10. Tiara Hairston
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    I have to say I got ACL reconstructive surgery last Tuesday, and had my meniscus tear cut away. I started this video on Thursday and couldn't do much involving my right leg. And today, ahhhh exciting moment on recovery journey!! I've been getting increased bend in my knee, but the most struggling part is I haven't been able to lift my heel off the floor with out some sort of assistance since surgery. Yoday I was doing this video and for the first time my leg lifted and as the workout progressed I got it to go straight into the air, and pretty much did the entire practice yaaay!
  11. Amanda Exum
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    I've had multiple knee operations and literally cried after doing this because for so long I gave up on my body and believed I couldn't do yoga. You have helped so very much! If Lauren has any other videos for knee pain, I would be so grateful. Please let me know! :)
  12. Autumn Delk
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    This was great to add to my recovery. I've add ACL reconstruction on my left knee and it took a long time to recover. It's doing well and I've been lifting and it's great. But about a month ago, I hyperextended my right knee for the first time in years. It was a decently bad hyperextension and I've been having a lot of trouble gaining stability and flexibility back in it. After this video, it's feeling the best it has in a long time. Great job!
  13. Laidatu
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    This was the best ever. It's given yoga back to me.
  14. Louise de Wet
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    thank you so much for this. i was truly missing my yoga practice after knee arthroscopy 3weeks ago and your video is a great help. a video on gentle returning to full practice would be great as well as how to modify the various knee-challenging seated poses after knee surgery. with great appreciation, love and blessings
  15. Piggie Pig
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    This is truely helpfull, a lot of the poses are perfect for recovery after my minor surgery. Blessings
  16. Leonardo Ortega
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Great video|! Would love to see more complicated progressions once more advanced in the recovery stage but not yet ready for normal poses. Thanks!
  17. brownieb1208
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    This is such a great video. Thank you for giving me hope! I've had 6 knee surgeries and now they want to replace the knee all together. I was always a very active person and my spirit has been broken... until now! After doing your video, I felt wonderful inside and out! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
  18. Susanne Newton
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Wonderful video thought my days of Yoga were over !!<br />Please keep good work up really good stretches and postures without straining knees.<br />Can you suggest anymore? I also have gastric reflx
  19. Louise Coleman
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    I am so pleased I have found this video, I have had to have two partial knee replacements in the last 18 months, I really thought that I would not be able to do yoga again as I cannot kneel on my knees, by modifying I can start my journey again, thank you so much
  20. Beáta Bohucká (Bea)
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Thank You for the video it really helps me. After the surgery I was looking a long time for some knee exercise but they were still too painful for me with leg crossing etc. so I really appreciate this kind of exercise. Big thanks to you! <br />Apart from that, I would like to ask if Lauren or other of you have some similar exercise for hip joint pain, as I my knee was painful so long time before and after the surgery that I have been somehow automatically moving the weight from the injured leg to healthy one, but last 2 weeks that hip is really painful. I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks a lot!
  21. Abigail Anthony
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Awesome flow! I've been super bummed as I blew my ACL several weeks ago and have been pretty sedentary as I prep for surgery, other than leg lifts etc.. I was blown away that I got all of the same feelings and muscle activation as a standing practice, but no pain to my grapefruit knee! I'll be sharing this with my Physical Therapist so she can recommend it to other knee patients. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  22. mini punk
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Thank you so much im healing super fast and recovering my body movement again ! thank youuuu!!!
  23. Kimberly Berenotto
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Thank you so much for this video. Due to multiple knee injuries/surgeries I cannot kneel and squatting is really painful so I thought yoga wasn't for me (until I found this video). I love this video and have been doing it once a week, it's been fantastic.
  24. phyllis rose
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    I had surgery when I was 11 but never was told I need to strength them to heal. Now that I seen your video, it really help. So thank you!
  25. Karen Reed
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    I have never cared for yoga, even when my knees DID work.  I am now 4 years post- bilateral knee replacements and have been desperate to find some stretching exercises that would help my core and keep me flexible (I'm 58.).  I found this video and the stretches looked comfortable and helpful and doable.  Gave it a go and am sooo happy that I did.  THANK YOU!  Very nice job.
  26. Mangopoppy
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Thank you for this video, I have always suffered from knee pain and this practice really helped to gently warm my body and relax my knees at the same time. Lovely video, thank you again. <3
  27. Peaceful Serenity
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    I really enjoyed this video, as this is my first time doing this workout. I have been looking around for knee exercises for pain, do to the fact I have Osteoporosis and I felt every energized afterwards. Thanks very much :)
  28. Cathy Bloniarz
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    I have had bilateral knee replacements so cannot do a lot of poses (table, deep lunges, etc).  This is the first video I have found showing modifications.  I truly appreciate it and enjoyed learning the modifications.  I would like to see more yoga videos that incorporate variations for those that have had joint replacements.  Thank you.
  29. Nadine Rogers
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    I appreciated this a lot as a beginner who has had lots of knee surgeries. I have very loose joints but not so strong muscles. I would love to see a video about how to protect overly loose joints. How do you strengthen the muscles without putting the joints in danger of injury?
  30. Tara Vera
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    This is great video! I have a knee injury and this is helping me :) good job
  31. Muri Phi
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    That was fantatic! Thank you so much, my knee felt so much better today after this routine and even my fysio therapist agreed that today I was much more flexible and could do much more. I am super you have more related knee ingury videos? I had curciate ligament rupture and a meniscus tear in the front I still walk on crutches and I am only allowed to bend it 90degree.....
  32. Erin Elliott
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    terrific class. Great modification suggestions. Thank you!
  33. Pieter van der Hoeven
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Thank you for this yoga lesson. I had a total knee replacement about a year ago so most yoga positions are no longer an option for me. I am really happy to have found your video and hope you will post more of the same.
  34. Byrd Milwaukee
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Namaste.<br />It has been months of daily pain, swelling, surgery, physical therapy and pure exhaustion! I wish I had found this video a long time ago. Torn meniscus and dislocated patella which has caused firing pain in my hips, swelling down my leg into my ankles. Some days my ankles are so swollen I can not put on (or take off) my shoes. This of course has also caused sleep problems as well. This has brought my spirit down and some days it feels better to just do nothing. I am very active person and the sluggish habits that this injury has caused frighten me. <br />I am finally at the point where I am feeling well enough that I want to exercise on my own again. These exercises are exactly what I need! <br />Thank you. I want to hug you right now!!!!
  35. Cecilia Wachter
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    i really love this video! i have fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, & chronic tendonitis & on days when my pain level is intense, this is a great way to still get my body moving & engaged. i would love to see the injury-specific language modified to be inclusive of the large number of disabled people like myself for whom our body pain is chronic & has nothing to do with recent/temporary injury/surgery. this may be all the yoga i can manage for the rest of my life, not just a few months, & that's okay!
  36. Aranzazu Ascunce
    June 19, 12:10 Reply
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I'm going in for a total knee replacement in five days and I've been doing your video this week to help me prepare. Doing this practice with you encourages and strengthens my spirit. Namaste

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