Yoga For Beginners – 40 Minute Home Yoga Workout

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This sequence is beginner friendly and with a focus on FOUNDATION and FLEXIBILITY. Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation of your own yoga practice with this 40 minute Yoga For Beginners video! For more, check out my Yoga For Beginners playlist:

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  1. Jannette Bradley
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    I'm new to yoga but really enjoyed this video.  I was advised to add it to my exercise routine because I run several miles a day about 4 days a week and have been having a lot of knee and foot pain due to running on pavement.  I hope this helps.  Thank you Adriene for all the awesome videos!  You are a rockstar!!
  2. Alexandria Howard
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    Great video! I feel brand new! What a great way to end a stressful week!
  3. Anna Meyer
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    GREAT video, I'm a beginner and loved this. Thanks so much Adriene <3
  4. Bijan Love
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    Love this! thankyou! I am going to follow your 30 days of ego too! :)
  5. InsaniaIstKrieg
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    Thank you so much, it's been such a pleasure to take care of me this way :)
  6. Creative Minds
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    I am brand spanking new to yoga! Have done zero classes. I think I'll start with your 30 day challenge first, I know I can't Do 40min to start. But I love your teaching and your soothing voice....starting 30 day tomorrow. I'll work up to this video ????
  7. Lien Nguyen
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    Thank for sharing great video. It's very helpful for the beginners with subtitles
  8. Beauty By Lucy
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    my first time doing yoga and it was so relaxing!!! i love yoga!!!
  9. annie Church
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    Is it weird that I just found these videos and instead of doing one, I ended up doing 2 I just didn't want to stop. I thought I was in good shape from hiking, weights and weighted hula hooping, but my legs are saying otherwise.
  10. Kantenschiesser
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    any tips for someone who has sweaty palms and always loses grip to the yoga mat in some excersizes?^^
  11. aznbabygirl06
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    this workout just killed my knees! is it normal for a "beginner" workout like this to be so harsh on bad knees?
  12. dd dd
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    Suffer from daily migraine with aura and recently heard yoga can help. Just completed this first ever yoga session. Feels good!!! Easy to follow and watch. Many thanks Adriene :)
  13. Carley Hess
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    Even with the blanket, this was too much for my knees. Great video though--will try again when I feel stronger on my knees after more standing poses that don't require such hard compression on the knees.
  14. helentiggy
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    What type of yoga is this? Is it Vinyasa? I ask because after doing your video everyday of my holiday in Tenerife I am now looking for a yoga retreat for my next holiday, that will provide me with a similar experience. Thank you for your video, I absolutely love it! xoxo
  15. Alvin Sam
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    first time ever doing yoga this video is great thank you!
  16. Vivien
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    I wanted to start yoga to improve my flexibility and built a bit of endurance, and I love your videos! However some of the poses are difficult for people with a bigger bust or body in general... I struggled especially with the runner's lunge, could you suggest some modifications?
  17. Luna Mayoral
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    Hi Adriene, I love your yoga lessons and I am a big fan I just wish that you'd do it a little bit more slow so that I could have more time to enjoy it and really let go of everything not just move on to the the next posture... You're beautiful and I love your work, thank you for everything and you're also very funny ? lots of love, namaste.
  18. AdrianTheHusky
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    My wrists and toes feel like they are going to break every time I do cat/cow or poses like that. Am I doing something wrong? These feel like I am straining and not strengthening.
  19. brendaroun8
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    Thank you Adriene! I am so new at Yoga! I love your classes. I love how you walk/talk us through everything. You seem so friendly, kind. and personable and it makes it seem like I'm doing Yoga with a friend! See you on the mat tomorrow friend!!!!
  20. Sofysgalaxy
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    I tried yoga last week but the instrutor was too stressful so I decided to search for classes on youtube.<br />I just did this begginers' class and in the middle of it I started crying. I think it was on the child pose. I don't know why, nothing sad happened to me or anything during the past years but I think it was stress being released. I suffer from generalized anxiety, last year I even had a seizure and ended up on the ER. I've been a lot better now with medication and exercise, but never tried yoga. <br />I just ended this class and I am so surprised! I don't feel the usual stiffness on my shoulders anymore. To be honest I am surprised with how light my body and mind feels after only 40 minutes of yoga. I will keep doing these online classes and even look for a new instrutor. Thank you.
  21. _tcddee08_
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    Does yoga make you taller? I wanna grow more than 2 inches. Anyways, i like this video. I feel more comfortable and relaxed :)
  22. Lindsay Wade
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    I'm so glad you exist and decided to make these videos !! I've struggled with exercise and anxiety for a long time. I don't know anything about yoga or you; I've only been doing it two days, but I can honestly say I feel amazing!! :D
  23. Megan W
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    So I don't know how to say this without being crude but when I'm in a lunge position with my fingertips to the ground, it's hard for me to stay on either side of my leg, because I have a big chest. So I modify it by putting the leg to the outside of the arms which allows for more stability through my fingers. Is this a proper way to modify it?
  24. Alkaf Yaacob
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    I never did Yoga in my life before, so this video helped me accomplish perform Yoga for the first time in my life and I loved it. 40-minutes went by so quickly and I feel calm and more relaxed. I also hope by the will & power of God, give me the ability to heal from illnesses. Thank you, Adriene.
  25. Sharon Knight
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    I've recently got back into doing homework out and wanted something to do that's relaxing on my rest day. Your video popped up and it was fantastic! Been wanting to try yoga for so long and I'm so glad I finally got round to it :)
  26. Biodanza Ren Skyclad
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    HI I've been away awhile... I got a bit lazy and slacked off my daily practice, but living on a farm out of the city, it's really wonderful to access your site to get back into regular yoga in an accessible friendly way - love your style and your quirky humor too.. Thank you ... wishing you all success !! (Cape Town South Africa)
  27. Daria Rejczak
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    today was my very first time doing yoga! ? i feel a little like jello? but I feel great, thank you! and as a wife, mother of two with two jobs I admit it was hard to leave the last pose..I wanted to lay there forever LOL ?
  28. shadenorm
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    i seriously can't believe that was 40 minutes, that went by so quickly!
  29. Maffmatix
    June 19, 01:37 Reply
    Adriene... I hadn't done yoga in a while and was a bit bored of my latest instructor so I looked on youtube to see if i could find a good basic lesson. You were the first that popped up so I figured I would give yours a try! I have to say, thanks a lot, it was great! Such a well spoken instructor and not to mention you are FUNNY as hell!!! "Jazz hands... jazz knee.... shut up." hahahahha...... subscribed. -Jesse

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