Strong Core in 18 Minutes

Here is a full-body workout that targets your core that is no longer than 20 minutes. I guarantee you will be sweating at the end of it. The technique involved in this workout is beginner friendly, but it will take strength and endurance to make it through without any breaks. Enjoy!

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  1. Sugato Dutt
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    And we (in India) thought we owned Yoga! :-) GREAT demos Dean! Cant tell you how much I benefitted from this. Thanks Dean!!
  2. Brian Lynch
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Hay just wondering if this kind of workout is sufficient enough to build up Muscle. how long would you recommend to extend the workout
  3. Bayo106
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Found youlast night, justdid this. You are a genius im gonna do all your shit! Youre amazing and im grateful, you really pushed me and explained very intricately. You and ali kamenova are now my teachers :) enjoy thr day, Dean
  4. Kevin Fruit
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Nice video i just did it after my usual workout wow lol i felt the burn for real
  5. juan lopez
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    bloody hell im actually struggling to complete this
  6. z3219825
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Hey my core strength is rubbish and my whole body is imbalanced from a few years of weight training. How can I start as a beginner in improving my structural integrity? <br /><br />Much appreciated. 
  7. Loudeegan39
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Great.. Do you recommend to do these videos daily, 5 days per week?? I am starting adding 3 runs (5km) next week.
  8. Joshua Orack
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Dang that was a burner! Picked this one after a run because it was shorter... Should have read the description lol my legs are dead. Going to try this one again when I'm not so tired so I can focus on more core. Good stuff dude!
  9. kareb
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    I asked you before whether you lift weight but sure you don't have to after i did this! its harder that I thought
  10. richer morin
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Great workout, you said you'll make some shorter video and you do, you are great. This one's not easy and i love it. I'm impress. I started doing yoga with your videos and i assure you i'll continue until my death because they're good and full of improvment. this is what i want improvment! it's the best way to have a good day for me. Thanks!
  11. Monsta54321
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Are my arms supposed to be sore. Every time I do the planks, my arms and shoulder's get sore not my abs
  12. ManFlowYoga
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    @Jaymes Robison - I'll upload it to <a href=""></a> for digital download. Find the link on the MFY website, <a href=""></a>
  13. jaymes robison
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Hello Dean, this is a really good workout! Is it possible for me to get it on a dvd?
  14. Jon Bush
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Dude! This is a great workout. I'll be following your advice below and do this every day. You explain and instruct better than any yogi I've ever seen.
  15. ManFlowYoga
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="" oid="106112495281720483019">Hung Huynh</a></span> - these are the JD Short by prAna. You can buy them from <a href=""></a>.
  16. Hung Huynh
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    I find it harder than I thought it would be, but in a good way. Thank you for a great session. By the way, where did you buy the shorts? They fit nice and above the knees, good for yoga. I can't find them anywhere
  17. Jak Angelescu
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Yay to those men doing this! Believe me, women will thank yoU!
  18. jaymes robison
    June 19, 18:18 Reply
    Hello Dean: thanks for this video.  I was wondering how often should I do this particular video or does it matter?
  19. vurtil opmer
    October 30, 21:54 Reply
    Great write-up, I am regular visitor of one’s site, maintain up the excellent operate, and It is going to be a regular visitor for a long time.

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