Stress Relief Yoga ♥ A Relaxed & Calming Flow To Clear Your Mind

A 10 minute easy yoga flow that will help you find more balance and peace within your mind. This a yoga class that is geared towards all levels and can be done in the morning to clear and prepare your mind for the day to come, in the evening after a stressful day, or anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to reset.

This is also a great class to do after any of the following fitness videos below as it will give your body some time to properly cool down and refocus your mind.

Full Body Morning Workout♥

Fat Loss Cardio♥

Ultimate Quick Beach Body♥





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Shot in Exuma, Bahamas.

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  1. Nn105
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    Iv been doing your videos everyday now they are amazing
  2. Sarah
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    Another amazing flow guys. Just did this after a stressful day and im totally relaxed now. Thank youuu ???✨
  3. EllyJellyfish
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    This was Great! Love all youre Videos, use this today After School And work beforework Going to sleep. Feel so much better now.
  4. Stefanie Klein
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    Thank you so much for this video ! It is just so relaxing and peaceful.
  5. NO NO
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    I love this video so much !! I love to do this workout at the evening because it always give me strength :)
  6. Sheeda78
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    so happy I found you :) I loved this ty :)
  7. lara bigotti
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    Thank you! I've been using your videos every morning before work. I'm strong, but I'm not as flexible as you. I would love it if you could remind us more often in the videos where we could be if we cant do the full stretch that you can.. for example in the half splits...I can't even make my leg straight :( I'm not sure if it's more important to have my leg straight and thus compensate by taking my body higher, or if I should keep my leg bent and try the forward bend. in some yoga classes my teacher would remind us to make the legs straight first and move our body accordingly. what do you think?<br /><3 love from Japan!
  8. matt cowden
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    she's pretty that is what makes me feel better after a hard day of running my lawn care company
  9. DollaBella3
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    I absolutely love your videos. Best yoga sequences. ❤️??
  10. MM Perez
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    Thank you so much for all your videos! Finally decided to add yoga to my daily routine. Your videos are amazing to get me started on this! Keep it up. Peace!
  11. Sayuri Fujita
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    Hi Boho beautiful. I am so impressed with your program, free adventurous spirit, & love life. I wanted to let you know I am so thankful to have found your videos. I live in the city, so I work, volunteer, etc. Constantly busy. I work out 3-4 times a week on top of that, but my body still feels tense. I thought about doing yoga and I stumbled upon your videos. I have been doing yoga here and there now. I also want to be in touch with my body and feel flexible. I wanna keep at it. I am traveling to Asia for month, so I will be bringing my mat ;) thank you!
  12. Hanna Ho
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    You re the best! Thanks for your wonderful video!
  13. Ruta J
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    I am a new subscriber. This yoga sequence was soooo relaxing :) thanks, Boho beautiful!
  14. Signus Comunivis
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    "CREATE THE LIFE YOU LOVE" - EXACTO! Me pregunto ¿como le haces para estar en lugar tan hermosos? y ¿que hago aqui sentado frente a este monitor pudiendo estar ahí? Debo cambiar algo!
  15. apple angel
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    i felt really great after finishing all of this yoga... thank you thank you thank you so much! LOVE!
  16. YJ M
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    I can't stop thinking the water will run on you....
  17. Reina Pollock
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    you are so body goals!! I love doing this every morning..helps me refresh and wake up.
  18. Gwen M.
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    This is just the routine I needed for my practice. Thank you! Namaste.
  19. Cecilie Olsen
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    It really helps me to get calm in situations where i'm anxious and stressed out. I'm so thankful for this exercise, thank you so much <3
  20. Kati Ha
    June 19, 14:48 Reply
    Love your yoga videos, amazing!
  21. oprolevorter
    November 09, 02:46 Reply
    Hi! I'm at work browsing your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the superb work!

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