Prenatal Yoga – 5 Poses for All Trimesters

My prenatal yoga class is now available!

This video provides you with 5 safe poses to do practice while you are pregnant. Adriene welcomes new mama and long time lady friend Hilah from Hilah Cooking ( to the mat. Here we learn happy and healthy poses for mama and baby with a strong focus on the breath. Take your time, listen and connect to your intuitive self. Nurture your beautiful body, your glorious spirit – for mama and sweet baby.
Smile and enjoy! Blessings to you and your family!

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  1. FoxxyChickee
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    I am so SO glad you dd a prenatal yoga Adriene. I was doing your yoga videos before I found out I was pregnant. I love your style. You always manage to make me laugh and feel at ease. I was worried about finding a new routine due to my pregnancy, and in fact was just telling my husband last night that I wished I could find a workout like yours because I adore your personality. <br />This makes me so happy. <3 Thanks for enlisting your friend to help you. I'm such a fan.
  2. Annika Åsäter
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Hi lovely Adriene! I do your different yoga sequences like four times a week and is now pregnant is devastated that I might not be able to continue with this smorgasbord of fun. Can you recommend any other of your videos that might be suitable to do (I'm not even fat yet, but don't wanna do anything stupid) or some that is definitely not suitable to do? I know that there are millions of pregnant yoga videos on youtube, but I only like your show! :)
  3. Melissa Schuh
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    are there more videos in this series? I'm looking for more prenatal yoga with adriene! :)
  4. yippykiay13
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    I'd like to get your opinion on this. I just found out I'm pregnant (I mean JUST found out) Could I continue with my regular yoga practice, or should I go ahead and switch over to prenatal?
  5. Danielle Rosaria
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    My daughter and I loved this video while we were preparing for her to be born. Now she's three months, healthy and happy. She gets to watch me while I do your 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Thank you!
  6. Queen Zombiga
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Thank you thank you thank youuuu! I've been searching for some kind of activity that wouldn't be a problem for me since I feel bad during pregnancy and can't go swimming or walk a lot and this is perfect!
  7. Yang Wang
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    i like the poses , but the background music temple is a bit too fast for me.... :(
  8. hanna kane
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    how do you not get sleepy while doing this??
  9. Miss Meadows
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    I am in the middle of my 30 day yoga practice with yoga with adriene when I found out that I'm pregnant. now I'm so happy to know that adriene has an episode for pregnant women. I stopped my 30 day yoga practice for now. :D
  10. Lauryn Veli
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Hi- I am a little confused about where to find the prenatal series. Is it just this video, or is there more to it?
  11. Emily Klauzer
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    So sweet and comforting to see you love on her with a gentle caress here and there. You'd make a wonderful yoga teacher. 
  12. laodike
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    I am so happy that I found this episode! I used to follow your classes Adriene and stop for w while cos I am pregnant now and though that you don't have pregnancy yoga, and I missed you! With huge morning happiness e and baby are preparing for this class:)
  13. Kat Viv (khathey)
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Hi Adrienne, love your videos! Can you do a postnatal video as well please, Thank you so much!
  14. riza olaguer
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Hi! Is this safe for future mommies recommended to be on bed rest? Thanks!
  15. Kajette Bloomfield
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    More please!! This is so very helpful as a beginner and first time mama. 4 months and proud!! Thank you! 
  16. Sasha Peace
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Thank you, Adriene and Hilah! Please do more if you can!
  17. Jess Threlkeld
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    I LOVE your yoga videos!!! I practice most days and have fallen in love with your videos! However, I am 15 weeks pregnant in my second pregnancy and struggle finding videos that challenge and are safe for pregnancy. Will you be doing more of these videos? Any suggestions of videos that you already have up? Thanks!
  18. louisAquatorze
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Hi Adriene, I really like your videos! Yoga during pregnancy was really great and for me it worked out so well! I wish I could take a class with you in real life. ;-)
  19. Valerie Viele
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Hi Adriene! I'm so excited about your prenatal yoga routines but I unfortunately just had my little one in June!  I am, however, searching for a yoga routine that I can do every day to help get my body back in shape! Have you considered a postnatal yoga routine? I'd sure love it because I'm enjoying your routines but I can't seem to settle on just one I can do every day.  You are honestly the best video teacher I have found thus far and I have watched many. :) 
  20. kd8isgreat
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    This looks blissful! Thanks! Just found out I'm expecting number FIVE. But this will be my first pregnancy where yoga has become a big part of my life and I look forward to the benefits. I really need to stay strong and keep my energy level up- lots of little ones depending on me. Thanks again!
  21. erinrae16
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Thank you so much for this! I'm going on vacation and will be missing my prenatal yoga classes and thought, "I wonder if Adriene did a prenatal video yet?". Lucky me :)
  22. Kit Kat
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    I'm sooooo happy to see this!!! I have been hoping a pregnancy series would come up soon! :D Let's just say I haven't been able to do all I used to comfortably... haha Thanks so much for taking time to create these wonderful videos! 
  23. Caitlin
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Hi Adriene I was just wondering if you could make a video about how to clean your yoga mat, either daily or doing a deep clean. Also, how often should a deeper clean be done. Thanks so much!
  24. Sophie Needham
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Thank you so much for making these prenatal yoga videos. I can't wait to see the rest and to strengthen through my pregnancy with your help :-) 
  25. Erin J
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Hey Adriene, could you please make a yoga for swimmers video? I've been looking for a sequence on youtube and had absolutely no luck so far. Thanks for all your hard work x
  26. vanessa haro
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    Hi Adriene, I have a problem with my knee, it swells, pops, cracks, and hurts during certain yoga poses. I've been doing yoga for about a year and this is just now happening. Can you please give me advice on what I should do with yoga so that it doesn't hurt my knee? :) 
  27. babyolifantje
    June 19, 13:21 Reply
    <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="" oid="110123372117616508301">Yoga With Adriene</a></span> * thank you so much, this is fantastic!<br />I was thinking about asking if you could to a prenatal video, but figured it was a bit late since I'm 25 weeks already! It's like a surprise present! :)

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