Morning Yoga For Weight Loss – 20 Minute Workout Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate

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Morning Yoga For Weight Loss – 20 Minute Workout Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate

Join Erica Vetra in this Morning weight loss yoga routine for beginners. In this total yoga meltdown, you’ll get an amazing weight loss workout that is fat burning and intense. Have fun in this yoga class and sweat it out!

Erica Vetra teaches classes in Austin, Texas.

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  1. sup 0715
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    how much pounds would you lose in a week if you did this every morning? can someone please answer this
  2. K Thind
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    U drink 3 cups of coffee in the morning??<br />Empty stomach, one should drink water!!!
  3. Aries G
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    I popped my rib in that second to last stretch ??
  4. Kelsie's_Mumma
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    Absolutely loved it was aching yesterday and came back to it today. Very easy to follow along too. Thank you.
  5. biskolata
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    thank you :) this workout is amazing and you explain everything in a very detailed way!!
  6. Terrance Surrell
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
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  7. Michael Crols
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    great video!! and youre so nice, I was wondering I had my right schoulder dislocated a few times now, Is it ok for me to practice these technics?
  8. TheLizallen3
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    This is a great video I do everyday. But why are there adverts in the middle. It completely ruins the mood and your pose when you have to skip it. Please remove it.
  9. Angiepiatar
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    awhile ago while doing this ... i thought it's just normal that it takes time every position... then i ended like that.. only knew that it was buffering all the time! Oh God.. I tortured myself.
  10. Patricia Russell
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    I've only watched your video for a couple of minutes but I can tell I like your teaching style and approach very much and am eager to try this. And hey - nothing wrong with coffee in the morning...! If I don't have coffee when I get up I'll only make it as far as the kitchen and then I stand there trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do next (which is: feed the cat).
  11. Chamarra McCrorey
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    This was awesome, super helpful. I definitely feel it. I was looking for a change in my intense workout routines in the morning. Some days I'm very tired after late shifts and don't have all of the energy to jump around. This was a great way to still work on my body, relax, and relieve stress. Thank you!
  12. Michael Cloud
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    when would you say it's "too easy" and I should move to the next lesson? less sweat? Not sore?
  13. Dionna Teeter
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    I can say that I'm really happy with the result and Weight Loss Idealiss pill. I get a clean unfiltered boost of energy to start my day. I take one a day on the way to work and I'm able to move through the work day to lunch without needing a snack. I have also stopped using energy drinks. I just don't need them anymore.
  14. Lori Paterson
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    Hasn't done yoga for about one year,need to get back into it,also need to shed more remaining pregnancy weight.
  15. Lori Paterson
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    Hoping to try this tomorrow morning,that's if I get up early enough to complete this before my little 3 year old daughter wakes up....I will try,let's see.
  16. TermészetHangja
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    im sweating after this as if i went running! it was awesome!! thank you ??
  17. tony stark
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    Nice and Sweet.. Iron Man wouldn't deny to learn yoga if you come in that yoga pants.. ?
  18. Fidgetey
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    Natural Weight Loss Aid, you have to try it to believe it.<br /><br /><a href=""></a>
  19. Teresa Decker Lacy
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    Hooray for COFFEE! I have a sign at my desk: "I drink coffee for your protection." <br />Thank you for this nice flow.
  20. Natalie A
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    I love this video, have done it loads of times. But this morning a ziplock advert popped up five mins before the end. Had no choice but to watch it. That totally put me off. In the middle of yoga, really?
  21. dusty daisy
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    Is there a way to learn one move at a time before you put all the moves together?
  22. Ramegowda RB
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    Try this free android app available in playstore for practicing yoga anywhere <a href=""></a>
  23. Alex Annah
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    I started taking Weight Loss Idealiss pills because for seemingly no reason at all, I started gaining weight and my thighs began to rub together and dimple. I did notice a decrease in the dimpling after taking the product for about a week or so. Then my life got pretty hectic and I stopped taking it regularly.....the dimples came back. Once I started again, I noticed improvement almost immediately. My suggestion is to take it as directed and not to stop. It does work.
  24. Abhishek B
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    Can you please tell me when we have to start the second workout (i mean duration like after a month or what???).......When you say breath in please do say when we have to breath out. Im expecting when should i breath out......please say when should i breath out........
  25. lucy wellings
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    Hi, I'm a big lady (size 22-24 uk) and I'm looking to lose weight and get myself healthy, is this type of yoga suitable for someone my size?
  26. Exhale Fitness Studio
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
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  27. aziz suliman
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    Erica America - A great yoga sructor -I like the way teach and give insruction - your shinning face your musical calm voice inpire my yoga practice.
  28. Woman
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    This Weight Loss Idealiss Pills work great. I usually drink one cup each day. I have been exercising on my tread climber and doing pilates whenever I have time during my baby's nap time. I also noticed my skin is looking healthier and I am no longer having break-outs.My hips and tummy are slimming down too. These pills are working well with my regimen. It's so yummy too and helps to clear my mind and keep me focused on my goals.
  29. T Bree
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    this was so fun i feel so alive haha
  30. Jose Flores
    June 19, 11:41 Reply
    This is torture for people with dyslexia like me, she talks too fast and gives too much information in a very short amount of time ?

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