Iyengar Yoga for Knees and Lower Back Pain

This yoga video shows yoga poses that takes care of your knee pain and lower back pain. These yoga exercises help to treat knee injuries, leg pain, joint pain and back pain. Iyengar Yoga has various kinds of yoga workout and lower back exercises that helps to give stronger knee support. Follow these yoga instructions carefully to get rid of your knee pain, lower back pain and even the pain behind knee.

Step 1 Iyengar yoga for knee pain:
Start off by standing in tadasana yoga asana. Bring your feet together, roll your shoulder together. Lift your toes up, spread your toes on the floor so that you get a firm grip. Raise your right leg up, bring your right heel closer to your inner thigh. Raise your hands up and press the base of your palm together. Stand straight. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Slowly bring your hands back onto the waist, bring the foot down and change sides. Repeat.

Step 2 Iyengar yoga for knee pain
Stand in tadasana, bring your palms in front of your chest, bend both knees together and jump. Your feet should be at least four feet apart. Turn your right foot out, left foot in, lift your left foot up, raise your arms. From here, move your calf muscles forward, slide your left leg back and bring your left groin down. Roll your right thigh and knee to the right side. Slowly bring both hands down and come up. Repeat

Step 2 Iyengar yoga for knee pain
Stand in tadasana, feet parallel and bring both palms close to your chest. Bend both knees and jump both feet out. Palms on your waist, pull your knee caps up, bend and press your palms onto the floor. From here, lift your diaphragm, hold the ankles, look forward and drop your head down. Slowly bring your palms on the floor, look forward, palms on the waist, come up and jump back.

Thank you to Divya Nichani and Me + Yoga.
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  1. BennettsCastle1978
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    I have sciatica in back and arthritis in knees, there is no way i can put my leg up that high with the pain I am in, was hoping for easier exercises really. This video is to hard for us who are living with chronic pain, is is more for healthy people to do. jumping can jar the back and knees if you have problems with both. gonna look for something easier sorry.
  2. Andrick Holborn
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    It is best to think about controlling sciatica by following the right eating pattern. I learned the hard way to realize that drugs ain't going to be the solution for this ailment.
  3. Calixto Issatt
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    There's no magic potion for back pain, but it is possible to stop the pain caused by back pain within 6 short weeks by 100 % natural solutions.
  4. Angi Bloom
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    Do you think that people with knee pain would be able to lift the leg so high?
  5. Jazzy Mann
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    Thank you. I found your video very beneficial and will share with friends who suffer from lower back pain.
  6. musative
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    I loved this video! However I can't jump because of a knee injury, the impact is too painful.
  7. Luis Muniz
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    Every day I drink choinditrin and vitamin C with a few drops of cannabis oil to make me more resistant to lessions.
  8. sigute barniskyte
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    It is a nice video, but I would definitely be cautious regarding all instructions. <br />I am an Iyengar yoga teacher. If you have knee or lower back problems, do not jump into/ out of poses - step instead. From Prasarita Padotanasana scissor the feet in closer together before coming up.
  9. Kevin Nguyen
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    Don't know about you but Virabhadrasana I in the Iyengar system is generally done with the back heel down.  I see why you would want to keep it up and that's my preference  but I have studied Iyengar for a very long time and Manouso Manos would never teach this with the heel up.
  10. avril quadros
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    Thank you for such a well demonstrated video. Many blessings
  11. Niki L
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    Thank you so much for doing this video. I started my yoga training with Iyengar Yoga and it did resolve my Scoliosis issue with my spine. Your props in the background brought back so many fond memories. Anyone that doubts this, hasn't tried it or got serious about dealing with knee and back issues. These are fundamentals in alignment and building strength to correct posture....again thanks.
  12. Mohanakrishnan R
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    My Orthopedician tells me that people with Osteoarthritis of the knee should never do "impact" exercises like jogging, rope skipping or jumping. 
  13. Natasha L. Rhodes
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    Believe or not, there is a natural treatment method can possibly allow you to eliminate back pain within 17 minutes.
  14. Carrie Chesnutt
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    bad advice here, sorry, maybe good for strength  , but these movements will damage a hurt knee :-(  and jumping out the legs to 4 feet , no thanks I would like my knee to get better , not hurt it more......
  15. Saurabh K
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    3 years back while running I lost my balance and fell on my knees. After 1 year I started feeling knees weakening. Even if I tap with my knuckles on the knees it pains. Orthopaedic doc told me to do IYENGAR YOGA for stretching the legs (front & back) and hip muscles. That will make the knee pain vanish. BKS Iyengar yoga is always full and management is bad. I really liked this video. If you guys have a iyengar class running in Mumbai with great teacher like the one in this video please let me know. I will join it IMMEDIATELY only if its in South Mumbai. 
  16. Eric Cunliffe
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    This should not be done for a lot of knee and lower back injuries. always be careful in any of these poses and with any videos that claim its good for all forms of joint pain.
  17. prem singh
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    can you please illustrate some knee exercises like Virasan, Padmasan, Bajrasan
  18. Gima Nuvet
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    I have suffered with back pain for many years till discovered a effective cure.
  19. Brenda R. Falbo
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    I have endured back pain for a long time till discovered a excellent treatment.
  20. N Ahmed
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    Really good instructions. Thank you 
  21. Ruby Peck
    June 19, 14:47 Reply
    You are able to take away your back-pain completely by replace your food plan a little bit - I've try and now nearly relief all the pain. In my opinion you should try it

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