Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Strength Flexibility Balance Focus – 30 Minutes (Standing Poses)

Yoga Upload with Maris Aylward – This video is a strong and sweaty Vinyasa Flow Yoga class that I recommend for intermediate students and strong beginners looking for more challenge. In this 30 minute yoga practice, we start and end in Mountain Pose (Tadasana). We do full body and core strengthening through plank and core plank variations. We enhance flexibility with dynamic and static stretching – forward folds, backbends, side stretches, etc. Our balance and concentration are tested by tricky transitions between balance postures.

If you have more time today, follow this video with some gentle yoga or a seated practice. I recommend these videos:

Gentle Yoga for All Levels – Seated Poses and Stretches 30 Minutes

20 Minute Gentle Yoga Class – Seated Poses

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*I’m wearing my KASP Exercise Gloves with Wrist Support Wraps. They feel good on the wrists for practices that involve a lot of planks and downward dogs. For yoga, I fold the top (the part that covers part of your palm) because I like to feel my entire hand on the mat. For my other workouts (barre, boxing, weightlifting), I use it the way it’s meant to be used. Here’s their Amazon store:

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Best Yoga Mats – FitLifestyleCo Yoga Mat Review

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  1. Lc Wang
    June 19, 22:55 Reply
    I love your tempo and voice! It's easy to follow but full of strength, thanks!
  2. Buddy N Soul
    June 19, 22:55 Reply
    Great practice! Focused, pleasant, demanding - but with a smile.I'll definitely do it again.
  3. MrsVickyJane
    June 19, 22:55 Reply
    Love this one. If I want to do something challenging in the morning before work, this is 30 minutes well spent!
  4. 31415926535equalspi
    June 19, 22:55 Reply
    Maris you are so gentle yet so fiercely strong! A great combination. I hope I can be as strong as you someday. Namaste :)
  5. Fantastic practice! It was just what I needed this morning before getting on with my dance improvisation practice - something strong, not too long, and challenging. Thanks for sharing!
  6. janelle valentino
    June 19, 22:55 Reply
    Amazing practice! Just what I need d to get my day started! Love the intensity and challenge.
  7. LB Shoemaker
    June 19, 22:55 Reply
    Great fun flow! Definitely sweating and my quads are talking to me! Thanks for sharing. :)
  8. Mickella Lewis-Purvis
    June 19, 22:55 Reply
    Thanks Maris for another great class. A good, challenging practice, just what I needed this morning. Have a good day. Mickella x
  9. Mohamed Rafeeuddin
    June 19, 22:55 Reply
    Hi Marris <br />amazing session. strong flow sweating like crazy .don't let any one tell you yoga is gentle only .this was fierce and feisty. thanks for the excellent session.
  10. JPdestro
    June 19, 22:55 Reply
    Im doing this routine tonight after my training !! :D

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