Better Body Beginners Yoga Foundations Class #1 – Basic Home Yoga Workout Courtney Bell

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Beginners Yoga Foundations Class #1 – Basic Home Yoga Workout

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In this Foundations of Yoga video workout Day 1, Courtney Bell shares a basic Yoga class for beginners. This Yoga for weight loss is yoga for beginners. Beginners yoga will improve flexibility, give you a better body and is the perfect fitness exercise weight loss routine.

Follow along with this 20 minute workout.

Courtney Bell teaches classes in Austin, Texas.

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Foundations of Yoga Series;

Beginners Yoga Foundations Class #1 – Basic Home Yoga Workout

Beginners Yoga Foundations Class #2 – Basic Home Yoga Workout

Beginners Yoga Foundations Class #3 – Basic Home Yoga Workout

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  1. jbrollintec1
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    I am a fan of the new set. It looks similar to where I practice with you and helps create a different level of comfort.
  2. Monica Soneja
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    thank you so much for this simple yet very effective video. Namaste ?
  3. Leena Lalla
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    I like your routine, just started only 2 days now, hoping to lose the weight!!!
  4. Jerome Huard
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Great video! There is a really good rhythm to it, it is quick and effective!
  5. Lindsey Evans
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    I am an absolute beginner! Courtney goes at the perfect pace for me. I surprised myself on what I was really capable of doing. This is my first time doing yoga, ever! Is the concept to master each video before you move on to the next? I started 2 days ago.
  6. outlive olive
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Finally found a video that isn't impossible to follow along! Thank you so much! It'll definitely help me with flexibility/relaxation :D
  7. Peter Quezon II
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Hi I just like to ask if it is advisable to go into my heavy cardio exercises after doing this yoga exercises.  I am trying to loose weight and trim my belly.
  8. eatthisvr6
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    i dont have anywhere near the balance to stand on 1 leg without falling over, is it ok if i put my hand on a wall?
  9. lydia sabella
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    i love it very much . i want to do these things everyday.thank you so much
  10. Helena Gaye
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    thank you courtney i just did your yoga i feel good !!!
  11. s4ujcd
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    <a href="">3:41</a>  Stella!
  12. David Juarez
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Sooooothing. Visually and audibly.  <a rel="nofollow" class="ot-hashtag" href="">#Goosebumps</a>
  13. Lala B
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Good, however I am more comfortable being told when you start to transition from poses, some of us are doing yoga, not watching videos.
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Hi Courtney! I love watching your videos and perform the same at home.i recently delivered my son whiz 4 months.i managed to come back to my pre pregnancy weight but now it's getting tough to shed more pounds.i am in dire need to shed at least 10. Kegs more.please upload a series of yoga videos that we can follow in a course of time.its lil confusing as to which work out shall I pick next. Thanxxx. Asma 
  15. Mika Fukushima (Umeko)
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    I loved the new place, but the camera is not good, the former was better, this time I got confused because of it
  16. bulldogvm
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Your yoga videos help me find strength in my body and calms my mind, ive found so much motivation to pull myself out of depression and form a healthy life.
  17. florna19
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Is it bad that I found that incredibly hard and painful? :'( I am so not flexible and even touching my toes is agony!
  18. mak john
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Really good some of it was difficult for me as it was my first go however, I did not stop trying. Could you please make video to help infertility issues (female) <br />Xoxo
  19. Stella Yong
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Hi Courtney, just wanna say thank you for your videos, i started doing according to your guidance since last week and it's truely a self discovery process and my body feels amazing ! Looking foward to try the rest of your exercises ! Thanks again, have a blessed day. Namaste !
  20. 636 OC
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Namaste, thank you for your teachings!
  21. Kyoko Yoda
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Writing from JAPAN❣❣❣ Hello Courtneyit's really great what you're doing❣❣❣ Enjoyed your Morning one and Foundation 1 with Standing Poses. You're pretty fluid and slow to move and that's what I like most, as I'm pretty much a beginner/intermed level. Thanks for a great work. ?
  22. spaingirl87
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    I liked the old set, but im sure the floor is more comfortable for you.
  23. Jan-Toivo Hellström
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Hi, Have you done yoga for stiff 60+ men? I have tried to follow your instructions but I'm too stiff in the arms, legs and back, to follow your instructors.<br />Huggs Toivo
  24. Atiera Abatemarco
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Courtney Bell you rock.  I use your videos at least 3 times a week.  I like dressing monochromatic and liked your outfit that day.  Once and a while complementary colors are nice to mix things up.  Looking forward to future videos of back bends, reversing scoliosis, reliving compression, flexibility, strengthening core, weight loss, your list goes on.......I grateful the energy you share.
  25. Reason UK
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    Didnt seem like your usual cheerful self here!  Great video though.  
  26. cosmic love
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    I love Courtney workouts. Im doing one and its makes me feel so well. Thank you for these wonderful videos.
  27. June Jaskulski
    June 19, 05:53 Reply
    I love the new set it's a calming feeling. I like how you explain the positions and why go into them so clearly .. thank you

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