Beginners Yoga Workout for Men & Women: Flexibility, Strength, Total Body Stretches at Home Exercise

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Beginners Yoga Workout for Men & Women: Flexibility, Strength, Total Body Stretches at Home Exercise

Join Sanela & Mike for a total body yoga workout to improve flexibility and build strength in the legs, abs and core– great for beginners and all levels, males and females!

Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes in Austin.

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Sanela’s “Geo” Yoga Mat by Yoga Design Lab

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  1. hey12358y
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    I know why she said this was Yoga for men. Arms felt like they had done about 100 curls apiece after this. The Gun Show is in town!
  2. Michael Marshall
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    I like this video. is really relaxing to watch and the girl is obviously beautiful but she has a fun way about her. you can tell she really enjoys what she is doing. ?
  3. Joshua Hubrig
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    Wait, wait, wait....<br />Are people really commenting about there being a guy in this video?! That is the most petty and shallow thing I have ever heard. Great Video Sanela!!
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    Awesome video! Its really informative! Thanks:) Please do watch our yoga videos and give your feedback it will help us to improve! Thanks so much:)
  5. Charlie Brecknell
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    This is a perfect video. shared it on Facebook. very clear instructions and no long chat. best beginners video for those looking to start or restart yoga. flows perfectly and very beneficial. I will be using this daily until I know it off by heart and I look forward to more videos. namaste!
  6. Stev
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    Okay, if the female is touting around her goods in a revealing outfit like that, the male should be just as revealing. Equality people, come on!
  7. Joe Sullivan
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    i don't think it's such a good idea to include males in your videos, cause it just changes the whole atmosphere and you will end up losing the essence of whatever it is that makes you unique and you guys have a good thing going on so just don't ..
  8. Maia Louise
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    I can't wait to do this workout with you guys! It's going to be so much fun :)
  9. The woman to blame
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    I have a beef with the title, a lot of these are not beginners poses. Very few out of shape beginners can do the planks etc.. Modifications for less flexible out of shape people would be nice. I'm trying to become more flexible and I literally couldn't do a lot of them poses and no alternatives were offered.
  10. Fox Mulder
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    I alwasy thought that yoga is for women, but recently I have been trying it, its actually not that bad, but I try to keep it quiet because people will laugh a man doing yoga hahahaha. Anyway heres some theory side that Psyxhetruth doesnt cover that might be of interest (it is to me!) ;) <a href=""></a>
  11. Shawn Hunter
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    These guys are upset there's a man in the video cause they're a bunch of losers who like to watch videos of women in sports bras bending over when they have no intention of actually doing any of the yoga.
  12. DJ Prince
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    people offended for putting a male in the video? xD
  13. cxcMix
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    just leave the woman males
  14. holistic79
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    You look so well. Yoga and plates is lovely.
  15. inYourFace
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    instead of the guy, they should invite melissa. she has never done one for yoga.
  16. GarudaLegends
    June 19, 14:52 Reply
    remove the male and i will watch the vid. nice outfit tho lady

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