Beginners Yoga for Relaxation & Sleep, Flexibility Stretches for Stress, Anxiety & Pain Relief

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Beginners Yoga for Relaxation & Sleep, Flexibility Stretches to Help You Fall Asleep, Yoga for Stress

In this Yoga workout video, Erica Vetra gives you 30 minute routine for sleep, deep relaxation, stress relief and anxiety. These gentle stretches will help you fall asleep and relieve pain and tension throughout the full body. This free beginners yoga class will resolve your trouble sleeping fast!

Erica Vetra teaches classes in Austin, Texas.

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  1. Kristen Schroader
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    <a href="">9:58</a> pm
  2. sp00ky k00ky
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    It's <a href="">12:56</a>am where I am and I watched this for the first time. I am a beginner and because of my weight am not flexible but I did the best I could while making sure to relax and this was amazing! Thank you!
  3. Gabriella Lynne
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    This was my first time trying and it helped soooo much!! I fell asleep so fast?
  4. Stephanie Pearce
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    I LOVE this video! I have been really stressed at work lately. I've made sure to do this every night and it helps me relax and sleep better. Thank you.
  5. Cat W
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    I did this with my daughter who was having a emotional night and it really helped get her ready for bed. It is a great sequence.
  6. jenna quastad
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    just about to try it to see if it helps me sleep and <a href="">10:27</a>
  7. Alicia Carmona
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    I do it it after i go for a run and right before i shower. It helps my body relax and puts my mind at ease before i take on the new challenges of the next day. Honestly I'm really new to yoga but this was very easy for me to follow and i really enjoyed this one. Thank you so much for putting this out!! (Hair looks very good btw)
  8. MissChime
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    <a href="">8:49</a><br />I have to wake up a little before 5am to get to work. Doing relaxing night yoga has me sleeping better, (though it usually doesn't take me too long lol) but what's even more amazing is I just feel all around better, more relaxed and focused the next day! <br />Of course I'm always trying to get in some daylight yoga as well. <br /><br />And you got your hair cut but it's still so long! It's beautiful!! Very shiny and soft looking. Got to get used to getting it in your face and all over the place :)
  9. Sierra Keilnel
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    <a href="">10:37</a>
  10. Mylie Laing
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    I am actually watching this for the first time at <a href="">10:45</a> AM. I live what some people might call a very stressful life. I need relaxation most any time of the day. Loving it and will definitely watch/do again... probably routinely.
  11. Cynthia H.
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    Its after work for me. At 6pm. Thank you. It was both challenging for me and relaxing as a new Yoga enthusiast.
  12. Rachel Camince
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    i love your voice. it's kinda soothing. i work night shift so i do this between 1-3 pm just before i go to sleep and it really helps. thanks!
  13. Ashley Parks
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    Maybe I'm an afternoon owl, but I watch this around <a href="">6:30</a>pm! Relaxes me after work.
  14. Rose Ladd
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    I began at <a href="">9:55</a>, this is my first time doing this particular yoga exercise. Sometimes I am a night owl, it depends on my schedule~I still adjust my habits with other routines~presently I am a student and I study at home, so I am in a sitting position alot and want to create flexibility and other exercise routines. I also like Energy Medicine Yoga and Daily Energy Medicine Dance routines! I enjoyed the relaxation yoga exercise tonight. Thanks!
  15. jason hull
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    I started this at 10 pm. Just started getting into yoga about a week ago and I think I'm hooked. This was perfect for me since I have terribly tight hips and legs. Think it's bed time now ;) Love the hair down by the way.
  16. Johnny Salter
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    <a href="">10:30</a> Loved it. Thank you
  17. Katelyn Newman
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    I do this every night, not only does it help me sleep, it puts my cat to sleep as well!
  18. helenwithanA
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    <a href="">18:55</a><br />The yawning began about half way through so you're right in that it aids in relaxation and sleep. Thank you! I will be watching more in the future!
  19. A. B.
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    I appreciate the guidance but all of the teacher's chatter on a video meant for relaxation is absolutely not relaxing. I didn't watch this to give you feedback about your hair.
  20. Rachel Hamilton
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    It's <a href="">11:01</a> but I have class in the morning ?
  21. Cookieswirl Yum
    June 19, 18:32 Reply
    <a href="">7:00</a>
  22. vurtil opmer
    October 26, 18:23 Reply
    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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