Beginners Yoga For Deep Relaxation, Sleep, Insomnia, Anxiety & Stress Relief

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Beginners Yoga For Deep Relaxation, Sleep, Insomnia, Anxiety & Stress Relief

In this Yoga video workout, Katrina Rupman and Meera Hoffman shares a yoga routine designed for deep relaxation and help with sleep problems.

Katrina Repman and Meera Hoffman teach Yoga classes in Austin, Texas.

Visit Meera Hoffman’s website at;

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Yoga For Relaxation 29 Comments

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♥ Help Support This Channel @ 130+ Exclusive Videos @ Beginners Yoga for Relaxation & Sleep, Flexibility Stretches to Help You Fall Asleep, Yoga for Stress In this

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  1. Latosha Harris
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    Thank you so much for getting all the stress out of my body.Your voice and the music was very relaxing.You guys are true life savers.
  2. george makkar
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    There is pain in my left shoulder in the pose at <a href="">7:40</a> is this normal
  3. RK CH
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    The video is really helpful to relax. thankyou . Can you suggest some yoga poses to do in the morning to be active ?
  4. Elizabeth McLaughlin
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    Thank you so much for an easy to follow, beginner yoga session. I feel so much better already!
  5. Noemie
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    I feel so relax right now, thank you !
  6. Sandie Kinz
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    It's <a href="">8:30</a> a.m. And I just did this before math class xD not a good idea ?????
  7. Cheryl S
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    wow. just found you today. this was great. One thing a lady with larger breasts can't do that twist thing on your stomach. but the rest. wonderul..
  8. Leslie Speakman
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    Thanks so much it relaxed me. I was having trouble with my left leg with the butterfly position. It helped a little bit. What can I do to help make it more flexible?
  9. Jackie James
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    you gals are so relaxing. This work out worked for me, thank u so much. I will be back to do this again tomorrow!
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    Can we practice this in second trimester of pregnancy?
  11. Azman Ramlie
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    Greatt ..i felt asleep at the end.! very re;axing indeed
  12. Shaun Harris
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    Wow! I've never felt so relaxed like this before. I felt asleep right on the carpet floor doing this routine. Luckily my bed was right next to me. I had to wake myself up, took a few steps and felt asleep. Thank you ladies.
  13. kalie 39485
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    i liked this vid and i have a freind like you 2 too her name is lily <3
  14. Shuo Yang
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    Thank you two so much for recommending me this. You and Meera are the best!
  15. Yeji Jang-Jones
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    I'm so relaxed...You've got such a calming and soothing voice. Thank you!
  16. pianisticallyfree
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    I feel kinda bad....I got so relaxed that I fell asleep and missed the last couple poses >.<
  17. Tony Ashworth
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    This is my first attempt at yoga, and I was a bit sceptical.But I now feel very relaxed and almost fell to sleep during the video.<br />I did find some of the popsitions a bit difficult, but as this is my first time perhaps that is to be expected.I will certainly try this again and hope it will help with my sleep problems.Thanks.
  18. DevinIs NotOkay
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    I am a legitimate insomniac and I'm not even joking--I literally fell asleep during this video. Which is a good thing in this case. ;)
  19. Bob81ification
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    Thank you for this. I have just started to practice yoga and this is my favourite video so far.
  20. Victoria Medero
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    I do have a friend that I didnt know for a log time,I do love your yoga now I feel complitly relax thnk you
  21. Isabelle Carignan
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    I almost fell asleep during the corpse position, it was simply a magnificent relaxation routine! Thank you so much :)
  22. Ashlie Amaral
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    I love this. I have insomnia so it usually takes me hours to fall asleep..... I almost fell asleep on my bedroom floor doing the yoga with you. This will definitely be something I will recommend to people who have trouble sleeping, and it will definitely be something I will try again if I can't sleep. Thank you so much for this video.
  23. Marie Sylvester
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    I met a girl at my college orientation a couple months ago and we clicked in the lunch line. Then when we were eating with two other girls that I had just met they asked how long we had known each other lol. Sometimes when I text/call her when I'm feeling bad about something, she was just about to call me because she suddenly felt the need to! We both think its a spiritual connection.
  24. Lauren Green
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    I have exams in a week and have been super stressed and haven't slept much. I feel asleep during this and just woke up probably around 5 hours later on the floor in my bedroom. Thank you so much!! Will definatly be using this a lo!! xx
  25. tomaraquechova
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    Very good half hour spent with you. What relaxed me the most after the well chosen poses is your lovely voice. And yes, I have a friend that I've known for 2 years and it feels like we've known each other for a lifetime.
  26. acro ellie
    June 19, 06:04 Reply
    hi I have been suffering with anxiety for the past few months this helped relax me thank you

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