Beginner Yoga ♥ Easy Morning Yoga For A Positive Mind

This is a five minute easy morning yoga flow for beginners that will focus on waking up your body, your mind, and allowing you to start your day in a positive way.

We all often wake up in the morning in a rush before we head of to work or school. Taking 10 min out of your morning routine and dedicating it to your body and mind is one of the best ways to make sure that you start your day with the right intention so that you can continue to have a balanced and wonderful day.

If you are looking to fight morning fatigue, refocus your mind, or wake up your body to start your day right, this is the perfect morning yoga class for you.

If you are looking for a longer sequence, combine this video with my other yoga videos such as:

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Shot in Sandbanks Provincial Park, Picton ON.

Video Production- Mark Spicoluk

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  1. Noa Seidensticker
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    I like this because it's not too easy but you can do it as a beginner:) thank you!
  2. Angel Hoq
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    That's one hell of yoga postures!!!! great!
  3. kim w
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    great video!! your voice is so nice. you've got a new subscriber <3
  4. Manuel Marschall
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    Hi Boho, i go to the jim and i really need exercices like this to stretch my body. Great videos, my girlfriend found your channel i sometimes do it in the morning with her. :) By the way, can you tell me whats that song called ? <br /><br />greeZ
  5. Jaylynn Gelato
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    Thank you for making these morning sessions, I'm so inspired to imply more peace and always looking for creative ways to start my morning. How often do you practice in a day?
  6. Poppy Field
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    I feel stunningly amazing right now. What's the beautiful music in the background? Thank you for this great practice!
  7. Diana Gizalli
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    You have a brilliant positive energy!!! Thank you so much for this awesome videos! I feel more grace and harmony now)
  8. Paah Lah-sha
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    I felt amazing after doing this yoga sequence. thankyou so much! <3
  9. elodied
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    I just started yoga a week ago to help me with anxiety and stress and I can already feel the benefit in my everyday life. I found this video last night and tried it this morning. It was so good and I feel so relaxed. Thank you very much. I can't wait to discover more of your videos and get stronger. :)
  10. Andrea Hanson
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    too hard for a really fat beginner like me. just saying
  11. Alicja Markowska
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    I feel like my inner side of knees (I don't know the name of these muscles haha) are no stretched at all, I cannot do even the easiest exercises because of it. What could you recommend me do it? Other muscles, I'd say, are rather normally stretched and I am able to do everything, but these inner knees thing is just making me so angry :(( Are there any daily little exercises I can do without feeling like total clumsy?
  12. skinz1984
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    thank you I just started yoga thank you for the great videos
  13. Komorebi
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    This practice was so amazing! I suffer from school-related anxiety and depression, and this morning, I didn't even want to get out of bed. I actually felt like crying. But then I decided to do a morning yoga practice, and instead of going to Yoga with Adriene, I came here. I love YWA so much because she encourages you to take your take and cherish your on-mat experiences, but with Boho's practice, I kept moving through the poses and I just really felt alive ❤️
  14. Kari Kittyy
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    Haha I was shaking a lot while trying to balance :) I love this video! I'm going to practice this everyday thank you <33
  15. Cameron Keyser
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    too fast<br />how am i supposed to do this this high?<br />you made me feel retarded bro
  16. Martina O'Keefe
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    Hello Juliana love your video thanks so much loving this yoga :) may i also ask where ur gorgeous yoga leggings are from ? Thanks so much
  17. jennifer c
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    I haven't done yoga in so long and doing this made me miss it so much! I'm so happy to be back at it, thank you for the amazing video! I love your channel♥
  18. Elen Vošten
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    And if you are vegetarian or vegan. I'm new to you chanel so I want to know you better <3
  19. Elen Vošten
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    Thank you,namaste. And I just wanted to ask if your Buddhist? :D <3
  20. Emma Lovewater Jensen
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    Thank you so much I love you videos and you are so amazing and beautiful and positive!! so inspiring!! I've been following your videos everyday <3 <3 Thankyou Namaste xxxx Emma :-D and have a beautiful day as well
  21. yusuf faisal
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    It's very good exercise morning serious am beginner I will continue isha allah
  22. aniya bourne
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    can you do a 1 hour beginner yoga video? I love your videos, I usually just combine this one with several others of your other videos :)
  23. Virginia Costine
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    I just recently found your channel and I love it!! The workout videos I have watched so far are challenging without being strenuous and this beginner's yoga video is FANTASTIC! I noticed how much looser my body felt by the end of it. Thank you for all of your great videos.
  24. Costa Savva
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    Good video, especially for someone who is just starting yoga. Would be great if you combined this with the sleepy bear yoga video in one, if you have not already done so.
  25. Pola Madej
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    It's such a great workout, I'm in love with it! I'm making it my new morning routine :) Lots of love from Poland<3
  26. stefaniaC. v-d Ham
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    I really enjoyed this mornig workout, thanks ! I just subscribed to your channel ; )<br />Greetings from Holland
  27. Tatiana Freitas
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    Thank you so much! That's a great sequence to start the day practicing yoga even when I'm in a hurry. Namaste.
  28. Crylo Ren
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    This was so soothing and perfect! This is definitely one of my favorite channels to get my daily dose of yoga. Hoping to do this everyday for the next month at least along with 4 mins of meditation ^ u ^
  29. Mihaela H
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    It could be a great yoga excercise to follow up in the morning, but since, as you say in the title, it's yoga for beginners, you are going weeeeey too fast!! I, personaly can't keep up with you! It's this the idea, right, at least until I will be able to remember the excercises. I'm sorry, I am disapointed, however I am sure you can improve this ;) have a great day!
  30. saba essam
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    I've been practicing yoga for two years now but this is the best morning routine ever I did
  31. 64ccd
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    That song... what is that? It's really great. I'd like to listen to it while I do this without the commentary.
  32. L Dwyer
    June 19, 09:00 Reply
    I loved this!!!!! always looking for a new fresh morning routine and this was awesome, thanks!
  33. oprolevorter
    November 08, 14:18 Reply
    Excellent website. Plenty of useful info here. I’m sending it to some pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks for your sweat!

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