Beautiful Yoga for Flexibility and Strength, 20 Minute Beginners Class & Workout Stretch Routine

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Beautiful Yoga for Flexibility and Strength, 20 Minute Beginners Class & Workout Stretch Routine

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In this video, Jen shares the basic stretches to relieve tight, tense shoulders due to bad posture, slouching or sitting for long periods of time.

Courtney Bell teaches classes in Austin, Texas.

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  1. Pastor Sy
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    you talk too much and this stinks sooo bad you should not do this yoga ever in a million years all you people who are about to do this yoga I warn you she is the worst at yoga so go back and choose a different yoga video
  2. Pastor Sy
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    you talk too mnch last and this stinks sooo bad you should not do this yoga ever in a million years all you people who are about to do this yoga I want you she is the worst at yoga so go back and choose a different yoga video
  3. Pastor Sy
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    you talk too mnch last and this stinks sooo bad you should not do this yoga ever in a million years all you people who are about to do this yoga I want you she is the worst at yoga so go back and choose a different yoga video
  4. xicer1
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    I started lifting weights on the regular basis a few years ago. I know I should've started stretching back then but I would be in such a rush to hit the weights, that I have been neglecting my stretchs up to this point. I tried this and stopped at the 6minute mark. I'm gonna keep doing what i learned today everyday until I can finish the whole video
  5. Jamieson Bailey
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    Thank you so much for this video! Downward dog splits are my favorite, I feel like I'm melting after them :)
  6. Alyssa Gaylord
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    Finished it, first time trying. Couldn't hold the split downward dog for long. And apparently being right side dominant doesn't mean you'll be more flexible on your right side.
  7. Meenakshi Salwan
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    Great workout! I was looking for something on youtube that was less talk and more of a flowing relaxing flexibility workout and I absolutely like your video. It's the first day back to yoga after baby, and I'm thrilled to start following your workout videos.
  8. Joy Henderson
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    Thank you, Courtney! I've been practicing with you since last June 2015 I started with your Yoga for Weight Loss series. I've now lost 140 pounds and counting! I am 56 years old, and what I love most is the strength I have developed in my body. I never thought I would feel some of these muscles again. I hope you will do more You Tube videos soon. You are very encouraging and have a great way of teaching with patience. I have told many of my friends about you. Keep up the good work. Namaste.
  9. Sara-Rachell Grunow
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    This is my first venture back into Yoga after tearing my rotator cuff, I'm a young 25, but only made it through 11 minutes! Excited to get back into having upper body strength and flexibility.
  10. Liesbeth S.
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    Hi Courtney, I just started to watch en practice yoga with your video's. How beautiful to have a 20 minute exercise like this on an early morning while my little toddler boy is still asleep. Accompanied by my two cats and a beautiful sunrise through my studyroom- window, it's a delight doing these yoga excercises. I like the way you explain things. Everything you say during the lessons uplifts me, is empathetic and overall is just right. The last couple of years I have a lot of problems with my muscles getting too tight, especially in my back- and pelvic area. This can cause a lot of pain at times. I hope to get more flexible again soon, with your yoga lessons. :) Thank you so much!
  11. Shari B
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    Wow! Great video! I made it through the whole thing...but I just have to work on my flexibility so I will be doing this video again.
  12. Kai Everson
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    I am currently plus size (size 14) and I really want to build strength and flexibility, but I currently have no upper body strength. lol My arms start shaking and my wrists tend to hurt when I do some of these poses. So my question is: Should I keep practicing at it and eventually my arm and wrist strength will build to the point that it doesn't hurt anymore or should I just do something else? What are your suggestions?
  13. michael joyce
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    Great session. Made it all the way through, with some awkwardness. But that is fine, it will get better. Will be back for this one. Thank you. Namaste.
  14. Honeytoast
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    Thank you so much this is helping me out a lot....and I made it all the way throughput
  15. Mahnaz Ghalib
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    it's a great presentation. enjoyed following the routine except I didn't push myself. allowed myself room and hope to acquire greater flexibility and strength over time.
  16. Haily Russo
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    this was a beautiful video. this was my first time doing yoga, so I know I didn't do everything correctly and what I do make it through <a href="">14:34</a>, just that alone right after i woke up, I wasn't so tense, my body feels so much better. my hips and back popped a bit but again it was just relaxing and over all amazing. Im going to try to keep this up everyday. this got my blood flowing, heart going, and my muscles sore (in a good way) more to than any other regular workout I have done. but instead, again yoga, despite the intensity for a first time learner it was very relaxing. thank you so much.
  17. Ki'Yada Jenkins
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    This is my firs time doing this video & i made it through the entire video. when it was over I was shocked at how fast time passed! thanks so much for this relaxing video!
  18. Amanda Robison
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    I did this today, I love your videos, and I did your power yoga #1 for beginners yesterday and realized I can finally touch my toes! Hooraaaaaay! BUT... I have a lot of trouble straightening my legs during downward dog, and therefore have trouble with the downward dog splits while also keeping my back and chest open and my spine from curling and trying to straighten my legs-- is straightening them particularly important in the beginning stages? I have very tight hamstrings and have had to work for months just to be able to touch my toes in a forward fold.
  19. Jessie Dean
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    <a href="">13:24</a>, my arms started to feel like jelly, but yeah this is going into my favorites to do everyday
  20. Gladis Rodriguez
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    Great work. I did find it hard to follow since I am more of a visual learner. I found it difficult to look at the screen while in the poses. Other than that, it was relaxing and did feel work in my arms.
  21. malene farup
    June 19, 12:14 Reply
    Thank you for these videos. I made it through this one for the først time because my armstrength is better Now after following the other "yoga for beginners". I am 45 years old and have never practist yoga before. The ONLY challenge is to follow you on the screen at the same time as you do your practis. Im from Denmark and sometimes i have to watch to understand. But thank you again. ?

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