8 min Power Yoga for Flexibility & Strength Workout #poweryoga

Need a quick Power Yoga fix for Flexibility and Strength? Give this routine a go and build some strong, lean muscle along the way. Please like, subscribe and share with all your friends and family. Thanks!

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Sean Vigue is a certified Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Nutrition, and Personal Training instructor (over 5000 classes taught), winner ‘Best Male Workout’ (Pilates for Men) by Pilates Style magazine, Master Core Specialist, TV and Film star, and professional singer/actor having appeared in over 70 opera, musical theater, and non-musical productions. He’s a member of Actor’s Equity and is sometimes caught singing arias while doing Planks.

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  1. chaos 48
    June 19, 07:25 Reply
    seems like everyone from Florida is leaving Florida lol I left south Fla for north Carolina
  2. Paul B.
    June 19, 07:25 Reply
    Excellent demo. Like to have this guy as an instructor. He's fun.
  3. Lood Brighton
    June 19, 07:25 Reply
    Thank you much for sharing your knowledge. You guys are what makes You Tube my favorite "TV" channel, ever! This is helping me so much to get through my issues in everyday city life existence. Cheers!
  4. Christopher Kelly
    June 19, 07:25 Reply
    Great video. Have been looking for a routine to get me loose for workouts. It's quick, and covers the whole body.
  5. StacyB1985
    June 19, 07:25 Reply
    I enjoyed this flow nice and relaxed paired well with the core work out I just did thanks sean!
  6. Jaikay1
    June 19, 07:25 Reply
    You're funny bro! I was wondering, do you have any video's that would help me become more flexible for high kicks and splits and would you recommend this video for that also?
  7. Jaimee K
    June 19, 07:25 Reply
    Love your videos, they got be back into yoga. Scenery is a lot better in Colorado, especially with Addie! 
  8. Spanishluscious
    June 19, 07:25 Reply
    ....you are the coolest guy! that deck of yours is stunning!! congrats on the new move...you are quickly becoming my favorite as a newbie Yogi....:D
  9. Wende Whitus
    June 19, 07:25 Reply
    Glad to see you made it to Colorado safely! Enjoy the mountain air. 

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