15 Min Yoga for Men Intermediate Routine – Total Body Yoga Workout for Strength #yogaformen

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Sean Vigue is a certified Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Nutrition, and Personal Training instructor (over 5000 classes taught), winner ‘Best Male Workout’ (Pilates for Men) by Pilates Style magazine, Master Core Specialist, TV and Film star, and professional singer/actor having appeared in over 70 opera, musical theater, and non-musical productions. He’s a member of Actor’s Equity and is sometimes caught singing arias while doing Planks.

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✔️For my Complete Yoga Course to Build Strength and Flexibility, go here: http://bit.ly/1H4qF7s Order your very own “Yoga Cards” for Men and Women: http://wlshop.co/?rfsn=71742.db1e7 Order my new book, “Power Yoga

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  1. Matt Bailey
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    Just looked at the video to see what I'll be moving onto, can't wait for Monday........ and by the way, the film was Charlie Brown, 'It's not a bad tree..........'
  2. H Athlete4ever
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    Very good video!  You are definitely the #1 yoga instructor online in my book
  3. Raymundo Herrera
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    im in yoga like 1 month ago & i feel more comfortable with your yoga men videos, it was short but i feel very strong, thanks a lot ;)
  4. Shane Mullins
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    that is pretty cool I actually broke out to bed with wet while doing it it was great the great way to stretch and strengthen your body I want to start doing yoga everyday
  5. Thomas Bunink
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    Maybe call yourself a yoga instructor AFTER you learn how to instruct. I don't understand what you mean most of the time
  6. Matthew Biddiscombe
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    Holy shit man I'm exhausted! Been doing your 10 min beginner course for a week and a half and thought id try the next level. I am spent! Only been into yoga since I watched your videos and already feel the difference. Keep it up!
  7. Kat Musni
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    I loved this workout! I didn't want to do a long session today, so this was perfect. You have the best sense of humor and also amazing direction. Thank you for another workout, Sean! ^_____^
  8. Kyle Corbin
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    Thanks for the great yoga videos Sean! I have been enjoying the 10 min beginner routine followed by this 15 min Intermediate routine 4-6 times a week for the past month or so and the results are amazing.
  9. Arizona T
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    My boyfriend and I love watching your videos. He just loves your personality and we laugh when Addie is in the videos too! More Flexibility training videos please! You Rock!
  10. Dan Baker
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    "Plow this" never gets old dude, great video
  11. Thanks Sean. This was a great follow-up to the beginner video that I've been doing for about 5 weeks now. This feels good just as the other one started to feel easy. Loving your series. Great job!
  12. Aragorn Elessar
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    Awesome Sean, I follow this video every morning. It gives me tons of energy and I can really feel a difference in my strength, yoga is seriously underestimated. I'm working up to the hard stage, hopefully I'll be there in a few months.
  13. Daniel Woodcock
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefix">+</span><a class="proflink" href="https://plus.google.com/103485688743499729296" oid="103485688743499729296">SeanVigueFitness</a></span>  you're the man! Typically I enjoy the female yoga instructors for the scenery, but your humor keeps me coming back! Cheers!
  14. EddyMedley
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    Thanks for this energizing sequence! Made my day.
  15. Nick Garcia
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    Thank you for your videos. They are great and have really helped me.
  16. Douglas Howe
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    Ive got the yoga cards they delivered to me in the UK. Havent had a chance to use them yet though
  17. Jesse Simon
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    We have a place in the mountains in Boulder County - in Colorado - is that where this video was filmed?  Looks like it was in our neighborhood.  Thanks for the vids.  Jesse
  18. Jacob Burkey
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    This is a great workout.  I started with your beginner workouts a few months ago and this video is a perfect step forward.  Room for improvement: you missed several "that's what she said jokes" during all that plow commentary.
  19. John Zion
    June 19, 20:22 Reply
    This is just that I needed. I needed something to complement my Kettlebell workouts, and as I have done some of your Pilates workouts in the past, came across your Beginner Yoga for Men video. I loved it, but felt I could do a bit more. I was never a fan of Yoga, always thought of it as a Girlie workout. You have changed that my friend. I plan on doing more yoga. I think it's great. I'll still do my Kettlebells, but this will def help me stretch out as you have said. Thanks, and keep them coming.

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